Nominations from the Floor

The time has come for members to get in on the process of nominating others for office. As with nominating committees, if you want to nominate someone, ask her in advance if she wants to serve. Some people just hate to be put on the spot!

Speak Up!

Ready to make a nomination from the floor? Members don't have to wait for recognition from the chair to make one. If the group or organization is small, the member doesn't even have to rise to make the nomination. Nominations do not need a second.

There is no reason for nominees to leave the room during the nomination process. It's also unnecessary for them to do so when a vote is taken and then counted. Likewise, the chair doesn't need to step down from presiding over the meeting if she is nominated and the vote is taken and counted.

No, Really, Thank You, But No, Really!

After each nomination, the chair should repeat the name of the person nominated and then ask if there are additional nominations for that office. Has a member been nominated and does not wish to be? She should rise and politely decline while the nominations are still in progress.


Many people don't know that they can nominate themselves for an office. Unfortunately, many people don't have the courage to do this! Think of it as volunteering, and go for it if you feel that you can do a good job. Try to come across as being humble and eager to serve.

Taking Turns

A member can't nominate more than one member for an office until others have had the chance to nominate. This prevents one member from monopolizing the nominations from the floor or from imposing undue influence over other members (who might be intimidated into voting a slate of candidates that she favors).

Nominations can be closed with general consent. Or, a member can make a motion to close nominations as long as there are no members still trying to make nominations. This motion needs a second, is amendable but not debatable, and requires a two-thirds vote (because it's taking rights from members).

If members decide they want to reopen the nominations, it takes only a majority vote to do this (but still requires a second, and is still amendable but not debatable). Reconsider is still an option with reopening the nominations, but only if there was a negative vote.

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