Sample Statements of Objectives

Your professional objective does not have to state your long-term or lifelong career goals; it is simply a statement of the job title you are seeking. It provides focus for reviewers and influences how they perceive all subsequent content. Your statement of objectives is like a label that names the professional door you seek to enter. When you knock, seeking entry, you introduce yourself via a resume and cover letter. Ideally, after interviewing, you will receive an offer to stay.

As illustrated in samples throughout this book, resume objectives should be simple and stated in as few words as possible. They are best composed of a few nouns, not complex adjective- and verb-filled statements. No fluff. Top off your powerful page, literally, with the answer to the question: “What is the title of the job you seek?”

As you examine the format, content, and order as well as the objectives of the many sample resumes in this book, think about their simplicity. Think about how they mirror a powerful knowledge of self and of a chosen career field and job function. Though the samples use different approaches, they still have much in common. Some probably have objectives and qualifications that match your goals, and it may be possible for you to adapt some of that content for your own resume. Your goal, here and throughout your resume-writing and job-search progress, is to show hiring managers that you know what it takes to succeed within your chosen field and function.

Think of a career objective like the thesis statement of a term paper. By putting keywords to your resume, you are trying to prove your knowledge of a particular area. Avoid pat phrases like “organizational skills” or “team player.” Usually, the keywords you need to get your resume noticed are in the desired job description. Here is a sample objective:

Web Management professional with skills encompassing marketing, design, development, and programming using Web 2.0 technologies including .net, AJAX, J2EE, WebLogic, and traditional HTML and JavaScript.

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