Sei Hei Ki — the Harmony Symbol

The Reiki Harmony symbol is the second symbol Reiki initiates learn in their Level II class. This symbol is used as a purification tool and is also helpful to anyone dealing with emotional or mental disturbances. This is the symbol that assists a person who is trying to break a simple bad habit or overcome the grip of a serious physiological or mental addiction.

The Sei Hei Ki symbol works very well in combination with Bach's Rescue Remedy flower essence formula in both first-aid and trauma situations. Rescue Remedy is a combination of five individual essences that is used for treating symptoms of anxiety and shock. It helps stabilize trauma situations by restoring a person's state of calm and confidence.

Like a Fire-Breathing Dragon

The Sei Hei Ki looks remarkably like a cartoon dragon. Cartoon dragons are not to be feared. Rather, they should be understood and enjoyed as friendly and courageous beings.

Nevertheless, the Reiki dragon is up to the challenge when faced with fighting off adversity. Although the symbol does not show the dragon's fiery breath, you can easily add it in your imagination. The fire essence within the Sei Hei Ki serves as a purification flame. It scorches addictions and expels negative energies, leaving nothing but smoldering ashes upon the ground, allowing the rebirth of energy in its purest form.

A Personal Bodyguard

In addition to its label as the Harmony symbol, the Sei Hei Ki is also often named the Protection symbol. In its protective capacity, the Sei Hei Ki can be used as an antiseptic “ointment” before, during, and after surgery. It can also be applied as a protective shield prior to and following purification ceremonies or whenever menacing energies have been removed from the auric field or physical body.

Sei Hei Ki can be used in prayer mantras when asking for personal protection and safe travel conditions before driving, flying, taking a vacation cruise, and so on. The Sei Hei Ki symbol can be placed inside packages as additional insurance for their safe delivery before dropping them off at the post office. This Protection symbol can even be placed in condoms as an extra precaution before indulging in “safe sex.”

As with all protective measures, there is no guarantee that using the Sei Hei Ki will be 100 percent effective. If it's in the cards, a traffic accident or pregnancy could still occur, no matter how many precautions have been taken. However, using the Sei Hei Ki as a cautionary intention in your day-to-day existence is recommended. After all, would you go out without wearing an overcoat if a heavy rainstorm was in the forecast? Of course you wouldn't. The Sei Hei Ki is an added protective covering to help you weather the stormy elements of life.

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