Reiki and Your Sex Life

One of the myths instilled in some spiritual teachings is that the physical body is a hindrance to our spiritual development. We already are spiritual beings, first and foremost. Our physical bodies allow us, as spiritual beings, to experience human existence. Why would we strive to shed our physical garb and lose the opportunity to have this unique experience?

Choosing celibacy over sexuality will not make a person more spiritual than a person who enjoys sexual intimacy. Celibacy is a choice, but it is only one pathway a person can choose to take in experiencing life. As a choice, celibacy does have some merits. It offers an experience that can help a person develop his or her personal awareness. Those who choose celibacy feel that their choice is more “spiritually appropriate” for them, but it's not a superior choice. Some Reiki practitioners choose celibacy, while others are sexually active. Neither group is more superior or more spiritual than the other.

The sacral chakra determines our sexual appetites and disposition. It is also associated with our playfulness and our creative natures. Spiritual lessons associated with the sacral chakra are creativity, manifestation, honoring relationships, and learning to “let go.”

Ruled by the Sacral Chakra

The attunement process that activates Reiki moves the ki energies through all the chakras. The energy movement begins at the crown chakra and moves downward through the root chakra and back up again. Any chakras that are shut down or partially blocked will be opened up during the attunement. The second chakra, the body's sexual center, cannot help but be affected by this. This is especially true if it has not been functioning fully beforehand. If a person has been sexually repressed or has had his sexual center shut down, the Reiki attunement could very possibly open up a “Pandora's box” of intimacy-related issues, sexual urges, and emotions.

A person can have an active sex life even when his sacral chakra is blocked or shut down. Basically, a person with a closed sexual center goes through the motion of having sex without having a total awareness of his body. Having sex in this way can be enjoyable, but it does not compare to having a sexual experience with the sacral chakra open. Sharing sexual intimacy while your sacral chakra is open and functioning can be a completely startling experience for someone who has been closed off from his or her physical body. Admittedly, being fully in your body while making love can be exhilarating, to say the least. You will not likely forget the feeling once you have experienced it because it is a glorious blend of the physical and the spiritual.

Turning Your Partner On with Reiki

Reiki and sexual intimacy go together beautifully. The Reiki practitioner who conducts regular self-treatments will keep his or her chakras spinning and purring in perfect working order. When your sacral chakra is open and functioning, it can work like an “attraction beacon” that will bring together you and your lover like a pair of magnets. Your lover may not realize why she is being drawn so strongly to you; she will just know that being around you makes her feel good.

Bringing Reiki energy into your lovemaking is not only a wonderful gift for yourself but will also be appreciated by your partner. If, by chance, you and your partner are both attuned to Reiki, your lovemaking has the potential to blend your energies together in sacred sexuality; in other words, it will be a union of two souls.

Reiki Body Massage

Giving your partner a Reiki massage is an openhearted and nurturing demonstration of your love. For some couples, it may be a good way to arouse each other sexually. For others, it may have a calming, relaxing effect, easing the stresses from the recipient's body and sending them right into a slumber pose. Whether you use it for foreplay or foresleep, Reiki massage is a wonderful way to be intimate with your partner.

The basic Reiki hand placements are not used while giving a massage. Reiki will naturally kick in during the session. For instance, you can lovingly give your partner a Reiki back rub:

  • Charge your (preferably organic) massage oils with Reiki energies. Sweet almond oil and jojoba oil are favorites for releasing stresses.

  • Have your partner lay on her stomach on the bed.

  • Cover the lower part of your partner's body with some warm towels so she will not be chilled.

  • Pour a handful of massage oil in your hands. Allow your Reiki hands to warm the oil.

  • Begin by smoothing your hands in slow, sweeping movements across your partner's neck, shoulders, and upper back.

  • Begin stroking and rubbing the neck and shoulders.

  • Continue kneading out any kinks or stresses as you move your hands down your partner's back.

  • Finish the massage by lightly scratching her skin surface with your fingernails in circular or figure-eight movements.

  • Lie down and snuggle up next to your partner.

The back rub massage described here should not be used as therapy in a clinical setting or as a healing practice. Such behavior is not acceptable between a practitioner and a client and should be reserved for your intimate relationship.

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