Reiki Moon Rituals

The Farmers' Almanac warns that farmers should plant crops that produce their fruit above ground during the waxing moon. As for the crops that produce their fruit underground — like potatoes, carrots, turnips, and peanuts — they grow best when planted during the waning moon. Furthermore, the best time to harvest crops is during the waning moon, to ensure longer storage periods and freshest conditions.

The moon is said to be “waxing” as it proceeds from “new” to “first quarter” to “first gibbous” to “full” phase. The new-moon phase is the time when the face of the moon is completely in shadow. It is followed by the first-quarter phase, when the moon resembles a luminous half circle, its curved edge on the right side. The first-gibbous phase is when the moon appears as more than half-illuminated. The full phase is when the moon appears as a bright, luminous disk in the evening sky.

“Waning” of the moon occurs when it progresses from “full” to “last quarter” to “second gibbous” to “new” phase once again. The last-quarter phase occurs when the moon again appears as a half circle, but with its curved edge on the left side. The second-gibbous phase is when the moon again looks more than half-illuminated, as it does during the waxing period.

The sequence of moon phases repeats itself every 29 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes. This cycle is known as the lunar month, or the synodic month.

Planting Our Ideas with Reiki

By looking to the moon phases as a guide for planting flowers and crops, we are ritualistically seeking the optimum harvest yields. Since we can employ the moon phases to figure out favorable time frames for sowing seeds, conceptually we can also use the moon cycles in planting our desires and ideas, as well as harvesting (manifesting) our goals and dreams.

Our intellectual seeds are planted during the new-moon phase. This is a time when our ideas and our desires begin to take form. As the new moon returns after the monthly lunar cycle, our ideas and desires begin to grow and eventually ripen. The full-moon phase is considered a time of completion and endings, when we get to harvest the outcomes of our labors and realize our dreams. It is also during the full moon that we can ritualistically release those aspects of ourselves that do not serve us well, such as addictions, greed, guilt, and fears.

Increasing and Decreasing Power

The Reiki Power symbol, Cho Ku Rei, is a complementary tool to use when participating in rituals scheduled according to the new and full phases of the moon. When the spiral action of the Cho Ku Rei is drawn counterclockwise, it increases power. When this action is reversed, and the Cho Ku Rei spiral is drawn clockwise, it decreases power. Increased Reiki power serves as the fertilizer that will nurture your personal seeds and seedlings, and also promotes the growth and maturity of your ideas. Decreased Reiki power can be used when we wish either to diminish or end those experiences and conditions in our lives that deplete our energies or overshadow our personal growth.

Wait until you have clarity before you call upon the universe to help you realize your dreams and desires. When your requests are ill-defined, the answers you had hoped for can be vague and the fulfill-ments just off the mark. Being nonspecific in your intention requests could result in unexpected and possibly even unpleasant surprises.

New-Moon Manifestation Ritual

New-moon manifestation ceremonies are implemented to expand the space within us and around us where our desires, wishes, good health, and well-being are created and realized. Before you embark upon this ritual, it is imperative that you know exactly what it is that you wish to manifest for yourself.

It is also recommended that your intention requests be stated as precisely as possible to ensure positive results. Any intention that is mentally focused on, voiced out loud, or written down on paper, carries power. That power is increased when the Cho Ku Rei symbol is visualized or drawn and either placed within or pressed upon that intention.

Here's what else you need to do to prepare for the Reiki new moon manifestation ritual:

  • Check the calendar for the next upcoming new moon and schedule thirty minutes to perform the ritual.

  • Gather your supplies. You will need a notebook, plastic transparency film, a colored pen or marker, and some cedar incense or a sage smudge wand.

  • Prepare a clean and uncluttered sacred space, indoors or outdoors, where you will hold your new-moon ceremony.

Setting Your New-Moon Intentions in Motion

  • Cleanse your sacred area by saying an opening prayer honoring the Moon Mother. The Reiki Gassho prayer can also be incorporated at this time.

  • Clear away any lingering negative energies either with a sage smudging or by burning some cedar incense.

  • Imagine your right palm being dipped into a pan of colorful paint. Using that same hand, with your palm turned outward, paint the Cho Ku Rei symbol in the air at each corner of the room. If you are outdoors, paint the Power symbol in the air, directing it to the east, west, north, and south.

  • Center and ground your body by whatever means is most appropriate for you:

    a. Sit in quiet meditation.

    b. Light a lavender-scented candle.

    c. Drink a cup of chamomile or mint tea.

    d. Before or during the ceremony, intently ingest a blend of flower essences that offer grounding and manifesting properties.

  • Open your notebook and date it. Write down these (or similar) words: “I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.” Below your intention statement, begin to write down a list of all your desires. Your list may consist of only one item or you may have several pages written down. Do not limit your list of items. Continually add other items to your list as often as you wish. If possessing many things in your life makes you happy and content, you should not deny yourself these things by limiting your requests.

  • With a marker, draw one or more Cho Ku Rei symbols on a sheet of plastic transparency film. Place the transparency film, with the Power symbols drawn upon it, on top of your hand-written list of requests. Close your notebook and put it away until next month's new moon, when you will reopen it and rededicate it.

Some flower essences known to have manifestation properties are blackberry, cayenne, alfilaria, golden yarrow, hornbeam, Indian paintbrush, Shasta daisy, tansy, and walnut.

Changing Your New-Moon Intentions

Once you have laid out your new-moon intentions, do not feel that they have been set in stone. The moon has its phases and so do our personalities. Our needs and desires fluctuate depending on circumstance and life situations. Each month at the time of the new moon, rededicate your intention statement and your list of requests by repeating the Reiki new-moon manifestation ritual. Revise your list of intentions by rewriting the whole list on a fresh page of your notebook. Eliminate any items from your previous list that have come to fruition or no longer suit your needs or desires. You can also make any necessary changes to your list of intentions anytime before the moon has fully waxed. However, changes made midcycle will not have the benefit of the complete manifestation cycle.

Reiki Full-Moon Release Ceremony

The full moon represents completion. It indicates the end stage of any given period or cycle. During the time of the full moon, rituals are carried out to release or purge from our lives those things that do not serve us in a productive or useful manner. Such things might include addictions to food, drug abuse, or sexual dysfunction. By purging ourselves of these and other problems, we help relinquish sufferings associated with physical pains, emotional upsets, and hurtful relationships. Here's what you need to do in order to prepare for a Reiki full-moon release ritual:

  • Check your calendar for the next upcoming full moon. Schedule a time, preferably in the evening after moonrise, to perform the full-moon release ceremony.

  • Create a sacred space outdoors so that you will be illuminated by the moonlight during the ceremony.

  • Gather your supplies. You'll need a fireproof cauldron, strips of writing paper, pen, clipboard, matches or candlelight, sage smudge wand, and water.

Setting Your Full-Moon Release in Motion

  • Cleanse your sacred area by reciting an opening prayer honoring the Moon Mother. The Reiki Gassho prayer can also be incorporated into the ceremony at this time.

  • Sit down and reflect on the things in your life that you wish to release or change. On separate slips of paper, write each item you wish to release or vow to change. (Use the clipboard for support.)

  • Read out loud what you have written on one strip of paper. Say these words (or something similar): “I release this now into the white light to be transformed into positive energies so that it can be used for universal good.” Draw the Cho Ku Rei in reverse (clockwise) with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Blow the tongue-drawn “decrease power symbol” onto the piece of paper. Light the paper using a match or candlelight and place it in a fireproof cauldron, where it will turn to ash.

  • Repeat step 3 for each strip of paper.

  • Cleanse your aura with the smoke from the sage wand. Thank the Earth Mother and your Reiki guides for the opportunity to release those things that no longer serve you. Use water to put out the smoldering ashes in the cauldron.

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