Thumb Walk the Heart Reflex

Now that you have relaxed the chest region, you are ready to move on. Place both feet together for a second so you can see the relationship of the heart reflex in the feet to the position of the heart in the body. Look at the shape of the feet and notice how the swell of the ball is greater on the inside edge of the feet, especially at the base. This reflects the heart; the base of the ball of the foot right at the inner edge is the heart reflex.

Finding the Reflex

Use the knuckle press again to create the flow, and after a few presses, let the second joint of your index finger trace a line. This line will run from the bottom base at the outside edge of the great toe down around the whole metatarsal head, which seems like a continuation of the big toe.


Here it is recommended that you use the left hand to press on the right foot, while the right hand supports the foot. When working this area on the left foot, switch hands. You will see this frees up each hand, allowing the thumbs the ability to work without strain.

Look at the foot again. See the slight crease, or indentation, that runs from the big toe down to the diaphragm line? This is the line you glide your second joint over. Let the joint glide around and down, and the reflex will pop right out. This is the heart reflex, with more on the left side than on the right. You will actually see the skin peek out a bit from the side of the foot.


If the receiver has any circulatory issues, such as high blood pressure, or is on any kind of heart medication, use an alternative technique. Using the left thumb, thumb walk across the diaphragm line from the outside edge of the foot to the inner edge. The heart reflex will still pop right out.

Working the Reflex

Now that you have located the heart reflex, gently use the thumb of the supporting hand to circle on the reflex. The supporting hand is still holding the foot; the thumb is brought to the side to perform the circling technique. Let the thumb softly and slowly circle on this reflex, and soon the area will feel warm.

After making small circles, thumb walk over the reflex as well. Here the thumb of the supporting hand is still doing the walking; essentially, both thumbs have met at the heart. Thumb walk from many different angles on this reflex point, coming in from all sides in small, steady bites. Finish this reflex with small circles and a gentle stroking off.

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