The Body Is Mirrored in the Feet

The feet are tiny mirrors of the body. Each and every part of the body is replicated on the feet. The right foot contains all of the right side of the body, back and front. The left foot holds the left side of the body, back and front. The tops of the feet are representative of the back of the body and the soles of the feet symbolize the front of the body. The inside arch area of the feet represents the spine. The outer edge and side denote the outer edge of the body from the head to the feet.

The feet tell many stories about the people they are connected to. The color and temperature are important indicators of a person's state of well-being. How the feet are cared for is a sign of how the person cares for herself or himself. Every area of the foot represents an area of the body, and every reflex is connected to an operation of body function. If there is congestion, pain, swelling, discomfort, or discoloration on the feet, these are representative of some stressful element in the body.


The temptation to diagnose a condition may arise when performing reflexology. Do not give in! Reflexology fights stress and makes people feel better. Reflexology does not cure. Reflexologists do not prescribe either. Always refer people back to their doctors for treatment of a condition.

The correlation between sensitive reflex points and specific body areas is fairly straightforward when you remember the foot is a microcosm of the body. An area of congestion may indicate a blockage of energy or it may simply mean that part of the foot is sore. Whatever the cause, the reflexologist will gently work the area to relieve the discomfort if possible. The giver works with the intention to release stress and promote relaxation.

Understanding where the body is represented on the feet gives us a deeper understanding of what may be affecting the person we are working on. Feet have a story to tell. All feet speak through their sole, which is considered a connection to the soul. The temperature, lines, spots, freckles, beauty marks, textures, and colors found on the feet create a tapestry.

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