Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” This concept of energy focuses on wheels that spin at key positions within the body. This system of healing connects with the electromagnetic impulses found throughout the body. Chakras deal with the expression of energy in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual essence. The main physical structures are the endocrine and nervous systems.

The human energy system flows freely with the help of the chakras. There are many chakras found, not only aligned with the spine and hormone-producing glands, but also in the hands, knees, feet, and scattered throughout the body. The feet also reflect the spine and the endocrine system, so they have direct and mirrored representation.

Chakra balance distributes life force energy to create homeostasis among all systems and functions within the body. Congestion of the body can cause these wheels to become blocked, operating at less than optimum potential. Chakras and meridians share many connections. These vital energy centers influence our whole being.

Location of the Major Chakras

The major chakras connect to the major nerve plexuses located near the spine. Perhaps it is through this contact that the chakras affect the flow of energy through all the systems, determining health or disease. clear, unblocked flow creates a healthy environment, whereas congestion can lead to disruption and disease.

The root or base chakra is the first wheel and is located at the coccyx, the tailbone of the spine. The gonads, which are the ovaries and testes, are the glands connecting this chakra with the endocrine system. The areas of the body affected are the lower extremities, legs and feet, and also the skeletal system, large intestine, and spine. The nervous system is also connected with the root chakra.

The second wheel, known as the sacral chakra, is found at the sacrum. The organs affiliated with this chakra are the reproductive organs, the kidneys, and the bladder. The circulatory system and the lymphatic system are linked as well. The adrenal glands are the connection to the endocrine system.

The third chakra is the solar plexus center, located in the center of the body. The respiratory system, stomach, gallbladder, and liver are the functions of the body connected to this chakra. The pancreas represents the link to the endocrine system.

The fourth wheel is the heart chakra and is directly related to the physical heart. The respiratory, circulatory, and immune systems are connected with this center, as well as the arms and hands.

The fifth chakra, which is in the throat, is known as the throat chakra and is associated with the thyroid and parathyroid glands. This center also governs the nervous system, ears, and voice.

The sixth wheel is known as the third eye or brow chakra. This center, located between the eyebrows, is connected with the pituitary gland. The sixth chakra also deals with the eyes, nose, ears, and the hypothalamus, which is part of the brain.

The crown chakra is the seventh energy wheel and is found at the top of the head. This center allows direct access to the flow of energy from the universe. The pineal gland is the crown chakra's affiliation with the endocrine system.


Reflexology does affect these energy centers in a profound and dynamic sense. Reflexologists directly work with the nervous system as they perform reflexology. They are also dealing with energy and are therefore connecting with the chakras on both levels.

Three Other Chakras

Three others carry a tremendous amount of importance. The splenic chakra is located near the spleen area on the left side of the body just above the waistline. This wheel stores the life force just as the spleen stores blood. Of equal importance is the etheric chakra connected to the thymus. This chakra is found on the centerline between the heart and the throat. Another major chakra is the opal essence wheel, an energy center above the body that opens to allow energetic light to flow around and through the entire body.

Colors Are Important

Colors are an important piece in chakra work. All colors exist in all chakras; however, each wheel has a signature color that is the essence of the energy found in that area.

  • Root is red.

  • Sacral is orange.

  • Solar plexus is yellow.

  • Heart is green.

  • Throat is sky blue.

  • Brow is midnight blue.

  • Crown is white.

  • Splenic is the rainbow.

  • Thymus is pink.

  • Opal essence is opal.

Chakras are energy wheels that connect not only with the physical but with the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives as well. The root chakra deals with the issues of survival and security, connecting us with our family and our profession. The sacral chakra connects with our awareness of abundance, sensuality, and sexuality. The solar plexus center deals with our sense of self, connecting with our sense of empowerment. The heart chakra is our emotional center, responding to our feelings of love and joy. The throat chakra is associated with the ability to speak our truth. The third eye is our sense of awareness, our intuitive self. The crown chakra helps to bring together the connection of body, mind, and soul.

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