The Toes and Sinuses

The toes are also representative of the sinuses. As you walk along the ridges and up the flat surface of the toes, you are stimulating the sinus reflexes. Thumb walking on the sides of the toes allows you to affect the sinuses in the cheekbones. Thumb walking upon the bottom of the toes affects the sinuses found above the eyebrows, on either side of the nose, and those behind the nose.

There are eight nasal sinuses in the head. These little air-filled cavities help to balance the skull. The neck is small in size compared to our heavy heads. The sinuses reduce the weight of the head. Sinuses also work with the voice dealing with the range and sound that is produced.

The sinuses connect to the nasal passages of the nose, affecting the quality of breathing. If any of the sinus cavities are blocked, the ability to breathe is compromised. While excessive production of mucus can indicate infection within the membranes that line the sinus and nose, not enough can indicate congestion. Reflexology, especially working the sinus reflexes and the reflex for the nose, will assist in opening the passages, allowing the flow of mucus to be discharged or slowing down the manufacture of excess mucus.

Many people will respond with a runny nose during the session. Often these people have been very congested, even uncomfortably so. As you thumb walk along the ridge areas of the toes, you can actually see a change. This is exciting and rewarding — you are involved in helping someone feel better. Because reflexology is holistic, you are working on balancing the whole person, integrating with whatever other treatment may already be in process.

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