The Pineal Reflex

The pineal gland is a minute structure buried deep in the brain, far behind the eyes. This pinecone-shaped endocrine gland produces melatonin, which affects our sleep patterns. Sunshine helps to balance the flow and production of this hormone. Too little sun releases too much melatonin, which results in excessive sleepiness. During the winter months, some people may need to find artificial sources of light to assist in keeping the hormone level balanced.

Finding the Reflex

The reflex for the pineal gland is found in the central padded area of the great toes, directly in the center, as shown in FIGURE 10-2. (This reflex represents the eyes as well.) To access this reflex, first warm up the toe. This is done by thumb walking across the entire toe, up the padded area from the neck of the toe to the top.

Continue to thumb walk across the toe, up and down a few times. As the thumb moves back and forth across the toe, feel the entire padded area begin to relax. Look at the toe, watching the color begin to change as well. At times, the pineal reflex will actually pop right out for you!

FIGURE 10-2 The pineal reflex is found exactly in the center of the top pad on the great toe.


Stimulation of the pineal reflex may bring about the desire for sleep. Often when you reflex the pineal gland, the receiver will begin to relax deeply. This is a true compliment to the effectiveness of your work. Reflexology does encourage relaxation to the alpha state.

Going Fishing

Above the joint line, which is in the center of the toe, thumb walk into the center of the padded area. Here, imagine X marks the spot. Place the working thumb directly on the center of that X and begin to rotate in small, steady circles. Feel the reflex as it begins to respond to you. With the thumb, circle in to the center, stop, and hold, applying even pressure. Get ready — you are going fishing now!

The toe is the bait and your thumb is the fishhook. Holding the toe steady, turn the thumb on the exact reflex, push in, and hook up. The reflex may feel like a little pea under your thumb. Hold, keeping the hook in place. Working on the pineal reflex allows many receivers to reach a state of deep calm early in the session.

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