The Right Chair

You've created an excellent healing space. Now, what are the people going to sit in? Reflexology can be done anywhere and basically on anything, but a good chair makes all the difference. Finding the right chair needn't be difficult. In fact, it can be fun!

RV Recliners

Reflexologists use a multipositional recliner, the kind that can be bought in a recreational vehicle (RV) store. Go on a field trip to your local RV facility and ask to see all of their recliners. These chairs are great because they have been created with the thought of saving space as well as providing comfort.

Generally the RV store will carry two or three brands of these chairs in different colors and styles. The chairs may cost as little as $130 up to $200. A higher price does not necessarily equate to a better chair. Sitting in the chair to make your decision is a must. Let the chair fully recline while checking to see that the back is down, your feet are up, and your arms are supported. Make sure the frame of the chair is sturdy and ask for the maximum weight the chair will hold. These chairs are great for house calls.

The Best Position

Not everyone will be rushing out to buy a chair; sometimes what is in the house works just as well. A lazy recliner or any chair that goes back will put your receiver in the proper position. The best position is with the head back and legs a bit above chest level. This position supports the back and assists with blood flow. Some people cannot have their head all the way back, so adjust the chair for their comfort.


If someone is restricted to bed rest, pull a chair up to the bottom of the bed and go to work. If someone is wheelchair-bound, place a stool or hassock in front of the chair and commence with the session. Always check with the person to see if they are comfortable, or if they need a bolster or other implement for support.

If you already have a massage or reiki table, this will work using pillows or bolsters. Again the proper position is with the feet raised basically in line with the chest. The head is back and resting comfortably with the legs slightly raised by a pillow placed under the knees and under the calves. The knees must always be supported; never let the knees sag.

If you do not have a chair or a table and are going to work on someone's feet, there is an easy solution. Place two chairs facing each other and have the receiver place one foot on your lap at a time. You can use a pillow on your lap for comfort. This is a quick fix and not recommended for every session, but it will do in a pinch.

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