Spleen Reflex

You are moving into areas where the reflexes are different on the two feet. Until now, the sequence has been the same, as the reflection of the body is similar. With the introduction of this section, however, you will see the divisions. The spleen reflex is found in the far left corner of the left foot, tucked under the outside end of the diaphragm guideline. This reflex is on the plantar surface of the foot and is fairly easy to identify.

Although you are not finished with the right foot, look at the left foot for a moment. Hold this foot in your left hand; the spleen reflex is accessed with the right thumb. Remind yourself of the diaphragm guideline, and as you do so, place your thumb one digit in from the outside edge, just under the line. Interestingly, the thumb will drop into a dip here, as there is a slight giving of the tension of the skin at this point.

Press the thumb into the reflex and hold. Firmly rotate on this spot, feeling the thumb move in deeper. As the reflex relaxes, hold the thumb on this spot, press, and hook back toward the edge of the foot. Allow the thumb to stay in the reflex, holding the hook in place.

This is another reflex that may be sensitive. The area of the foot where the spleen reflex is located is part of the lateral column. This is the section of the foot that is used for support, which could cause tenderness. Again, it is not your job to find the cause of the tenderness; you just need to be aware and continue on.

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