Gallbladder Meridian

Rest the left foot for now, covered and relaxed, and go back to the right foot. The gallbladder reflex, which is tucked up under the liver reflex, has another access point. The gallbladder meridian is one of the meridians that travel through almost the entire body. This meridian begins in the head, at the outside corner of the eye. It moves up into the head in a meandering pattern, covering a large area on the side of the head. Imagine holding the sides of your head with both hands; this is similar to the pattern and area covered by the meridian.

The meridian continues flowing down the body in this zigzag manner, branching in at the diaphragm, waist, groin, and hip. From the hip this meridian travels through the leg and knee, close to the lateral edge. The gallbladder meridian ends at the fourth toe, with the line coming across the surface of the foot.


The gallbladder is a storage container for bile, essentially holding a concentrate used for digestion. Ancient Chinese believed the gallbladder to be the originator of energy for all organs, transmitting a purity of use to the other organs. Because the gallbladder does not transport or store waste, bile is considered a pure essence by this ancient culture.

Here is where it gets really interesting. The gallbladder reflex is one thumb joint in from the lateral edge of the right foot. The gallbladder meridian line runs right through this reflex to terminate at the fourth toe. Here is a clear joining of two modalities, connecting with the same organ. The meridian shows a pathway of energy, which when blocked may cause certain disorders. The physical gallbladder helps with digestion and the energetic pathway deals with keeping the process clear.

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