Don't Forget the Adrenals

The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys, one on each side of the body. The reflexes reflect these glands on both feet. You are working on the right foot at the moment. Place those three fingers back on the reflexes they represent. The finger you are interested in is the index finger, which is resting on the waistline guide. The padded section of the first joint in this finger is resting on the adrenal reflex and a portion of the kidney reflex as well.

The left hand is holding the foot, with the thumb resting on the sole, ready to move. Using the left thumb, walk along the waistline from the outside edge of the foot. Keep thumb walking right under the index finger, so that the tip of the finger is resting at the edge of the thumbnail bed. Remove the index finger, move the thumb up a bit toward the diaphragm line, then pull the thumb back slightly; this is the adrenal reflex.


Don't be discouraged if at first you do not feel the pushing back or letting go that often comes with the release in a reflex. The release is happening whether you feel the slight change or not. As you practice and trust your work, you too will feel the giving of the reflex.

Another way to check the location of this point is to line up under the solar plexus reflex. The adrenal reflex and the solar plexus reflex are not in a straight connecting line; the adrenal may be a bit more toward the inner side of the foot, along the tendon line. Whichever way you choose to find this reflex point, when you think you have found it, rotate on the spot. You will feel a slight swell or bump on the reflex, indicating you have found the point.

Continue to rotate on the adrenal reflex, applying light pressure. When working on the adrenal reflexes, use a gentle touch, with no undue pressing. Now hold on the spot while gently pressing in. The reflex may push back, indicating it is time to move on.

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