Picture the Foot as a Map of the Body

When you look at the feet that are facing you, it is easy to imagine the shape of a body superimposed over those feet. The natural shape of feet resembles the curves and lines of the body. The mirror image found on the feet maps the placement of organs, glands, bones, and muscles.

Reflexology Charts

All reflexologists have a favorite foot chart or map that they use. Often the chart is the one they trained with, perhaps with additions of their own. The reflexology chart, along with the reflexology technique, has evolved. The more that is learned about the body, energy, and other areas of traditional practice, the more reflexology will continue to adapt and change.

Corresponding Body Parts

The feet are a map of the body, and every reflex corresponds to an organ or body part. The toes are all the head reflexes and all the elements involved with the head, including the sensory organs, brain, endocrine glands, and sinuses. Whatever is on your head is found on the toes. The base of the toes equals the neck reflex, including the glands and lymph. The shoulder reflex is found under the toe necks and wraps around from the sole to the top of the foot.


All the guidelines on the foot help you to locate reflex points. These guidelines and referral areas remind you of the structure of the body while you are working on the feet. Reflexologists learn these aids early on, and they become a natural piece of their work.

The ball of the foot, the area that is nicely padded, houses the chest reflexes with all the related organs: heart, lungs, bronchioles, and breast. The corresponding area on the top of the foot represents the upper back. There are more lymph reflexes in this area as well. From the ball of the foot to about the center of the heel is where all the reflexes to the internal organs and glands that relate to the center of the body are found. The remaining top of the foot is the lower back.

The arch line of both feet holds the spinal reflex. The reproductive and pelvic regions are represented along the inside and outside of the foot from the heel up to the ankle. The hip, knee, and leg reflexes as well as the sciatic nerve reflex are found along the underside of the ankle to the outside of the anklebone. More lymphatic regions are found running up the center back of the leg. Along the outer edge of the feet is the area that represents the muscular skeletal system.

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