It's That Mirror Again

The mirror image of the body is reflected on the feet. A picture of the body superimposed over the feet lends credence to this image. The head sits at the toes and the rest of the body basically follows along, with the center of the body reflected on the inner sides of each foot. The outer edges of the feet represent the outside of the body.

The Mirror Is Energetic

Of course the mirror is not only physical but energetic as well. There are many theories connecting the body with the feet. Some have been discussed, such as zone therapy and meridian therapy. We have mentioned the research and discovery of sensory effects and proprioceptive action, and have talked about the concept of repetitive memory.


Never say you can fix someone or some condition; rather, let people know you can help them relax. The very act of setting aside time for a session will allow busy people to begin to feel less stressed. You provide the tools to implement relaxation.

Repetitive Treatments

Repetitive treatments seem to store a memory within the sensory system that quickly comes to the surface as you conduct a session. The first time a receiver is given reflexology he or she has no idea what to expect, yet the understanding that this is a relaxation technique is clear. The person in the chair often cannot keep her eyes open much past the relaxation part of the session. Throughout the treatment the receiver may talk, sleep, remark how relaxed they feel, or any variety of such responses. By the time the session has ended, the receiver is ready to schedule a return appointment.

As you practice you will find that the people you work on will become enamored with reflexology, always eager for you to work on their feet. Remember, the more you practice, the better you become. Some people find relief of chronic pain in their hands and feet through continued reflexology treatments. Although you do not treat any condition, continued release from stress will help manage pain.

Repeat sessions seem to create a pattern within the body that recognizes reflexology as a tension reliever. The mirror here is one that reflects the memory of relaxation due to stress release. The entire body relaxes during a session, even the conscious mind. Generally, the receiver slips into a semi-dream state, aware yet relaxed. Many people who repeatedly receive reflexology report that they continue to feel relaxed in between sessions. It seems that the effects of this modality allow for long-term, sustained relief.

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