General References

About Home-Buying and Selling

Find tutorials to help you with every step of a real-estate transaction, free e-courses on many topics, and search engines to help you locate property worldwide.

California Association of Realtors

The CAR offers in-depth coverage of California real estate, including the rules and regulations required within that state. This well-organized Web site includes general information that's helpful for real-estate transactions throughout the United States.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD is a government regulatory agency that oversees lenders, manages fair housing issues, and provides resources for numerous other issues related to real estate.

Credit and Money Management


Equifax is one of the three major credit-reporting agencies. It offers a service that allows you to check your credit reports and scores online or order copies by mail.


Another of the three major credit-reporting agencies. Check your credit reports and scores online or order copies by mail.

Developers of the scoring system used by many lenders to determine loan eligibility. The Web site offers a great deal of advice about managing your credit and improving your scores.


Track stocks and other publicly traded investments, manage your money, and read informative articles that can help you buy and sell real estate.


The third major credit-reporting agency. Check your credit reports and scores online or order copies by mail.

Foreclosure Information

A company that offers tools to help you locate and buy foreclosed properties throughout the United States. You'll also find advice to help you learn the differences between legitimate foreclosure deals and offerings that might be questionable.

For Sale By Owner Resources

For Sale By Owner

FSBO sellers can advertise their properties here and find marketing advice and general information to help them get a contract and complete the sale.

A Web site where you can advertise your properties to buyers worldwide. Resources include general information to help you sell your real estate.

Hazardous Substances

U.S. Centers for Disease Control

The CDC is a government agency that provides information to help you learn about radon gas, toxic molds, asbestos, and other similar topics that affect your health and your real-estate transactions.

Environmental Protection Agency

EPA is a U.S. government agency that monitors environmental hazards such as asbestos, radon gas, molds, buried storage tanks, and other toxic materials important to anyone who plans to buy or sell real estate.

National Flood Insurance Program

FEMA offers details about the National Flood Insurance Program.

Home Repair and Home Warranty

About Home Repair

A Web site devoted to providing repair and update how-to information for homeowners.

American Home Shield Warranties

A company that provides home warranty coverage to home-buyers, home-sellers, and current owners who plan to keep their homes.

HMS Home Warranties

HMS sells home warranty policies throughout the United States.

Advice on Being a Landlord

About Apartment Living/Rental

A user-friendly Web site that offers insights into the world of rental living. Get help with leases and general tenant-landlord relations.

Listings Online is a real-estate search engine for agencies and agents. You'll find properties for sale throughout the United States.

National Association of Realtors

You will find real-estate listings and an assortment of advice to help you buy real estate and work with real-estate agents.

Mapping Services

FEMA Hazard Maps

FEMA's online advisory maps cover areas at risk to various types of hazards, including earthquake, hurricane, and flood.

Terra Server offers aerial maps for locations throughout the world.

Find topographical maps using a zip code and address or by entering longitude and latitude for the location you are seeking.

Mortgage Lenders and Brokers Online


Citigroup is a large broker that maintains local offices throughout the United States.

Bank of America

Bank of America is a lender with banks in many locations throughout the United States. Apply for a loan locally or online.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a full-service bank that offers its customers loans of all types, along with checking, credit cards and other financial services.

Real-Estate News

Inman News

A real-estate news portal offering advice for real-estate professionals as well as others who wish to buy and sell real estate.

Realty Times

Realty Times is a Web site that provides real-estate news and feature articles written by a variety of columnists.

Real-Estate Signs and Brochure Boxes

Dee Sign

Dee Sign supplies personalized and stock signs to the real-estate trade. The company also sells transparent brochure boxes.

For Sale By Owner Advertising Service

This company specializes in FSBO yard signs.

Innovative Plastics

Innovative Plastics sells durable plastic brochure boxes that you can leave marketing materials in for pickup by passersby.


National Association of Real-Estate Investment Trusts

Find in-depth information about the history of REITs, plus advice to help you understand the REIT market and make investment decisions.

RV Parks and Campgrounds

National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds

Find information about RV parks, including facts to help you understand what's involved in park development and management.

Secondary Mortgage Market Agencies

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae's Web site offers many resources to help people who wish to buy and sell real estate.

Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac is another secondary market agency that offers real-estate advice on its Web site.

Tax Advice

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Locate forms and instructions to help you understand and abide by income reporting laws within the United States.

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