Controlling Your Schedule

Some new agents have a difficult time organizing their days. This is especially true for those who have always worked a nine-to-five job, where someone else told them how to spend their time. Now that their schedules are up to them, they are lost. Once you recognize that time management is important, it's easy to make your schedule work for you.

Make daily to-do lists and prioritize them; force yourself to complete every item on your list by the end of each day. There will be times when you can't possibly complete all of the tasks you have set for yourself, but, if you do them in order of priority, you will get to the most important tasks. Completing these daily tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment, boost your morale, and help preserve your motivation to start the next day with a fresh set of goals. (We'll talk more about time management in Chapter 5.)

Some goals involve tasks that can't be accomplished in one day. Record these long-term goals on a separate list and refer to them daily to make sure you are on track to their completion. (There is more about goal setting in Chapter 4.)

Arrange your schedule carefully. Allow plenty of time to work on your to-do list and your list of goals. At the end of thirty days, go back and review your accomplishments. Did you meet your own expectations? If not, why? Analyze the way you used your time to determine if changes to your schedule will help you work more effectively.

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