The Press Release

Submit a press release to all local newspapers as soon as you become associated with a real estate firm. Press releases are regarded as news — so they are free — and a great way to notify the public that you are now a real estate agent. People who don't know you might not remember your name after reading the press release, but your acquaintances will indeed note your new career.


Radio stations in smaller towns might be willing to share your press release with listeners, but in larger markets it's more difficult to get free press in any form. Your broker-in-charge can probably suggest local news outlets that are good about featuring press releases from agents.

Call the newspapers before you send the release to find out whom to send it to and if they have specific wording or length guidelines that you must follow. Always submit a photo with the release — if space is available, newspapers will probably use it.

Mark the top of the document “Press Release,” and include your name and contact phone numbers under that statement. Write the release in paragraph format and try to limit it to no more than three paragraphs. Be sure to include:

  • Your name and the name and town of the firm with which you are associated

  • Past experience (if it is relevant to your new position)

  • Special real estate designations or educational achievements

  • A brief biographical statement

  • A contact phone number

Be sure to include interesting information as well. If you've lived in the town all your life, say you're an area native and know the area inside and out. If you've received a broker's license, which is more advanced than a salesperson license, be sure to announce that you are a broker associate — or use wording approved by your state or your firm. Promote yourself as much as possible without making the press release sound like an ad.

If you live in a large metropolitan area that has a regional publication, send a press release to the regional paper. Newspapers in larger metropolitan areas receive a lot of press releases, so you may have to work a little harder to get your name in the paper. Set up an appointment with the editor of the business section and personally deliver your press release to her. Ask her how the paper expects your press release to be laid out and when you can expect to see it in print. This effort can give you an extra edge over the numerous other press releases that are submitted.

Many real estate offices have a standard form for a press release. If yours does not, use this example as a starting point and create your own.


Date, city, state — Robert Agent has joined aBC Realty. Robert brings his expertise in sales and marketing, with twenty years experience at Widget Corporation, to the world of real estate.

At Widget, Robert was in charge of training the sales staff for the highest level of productivity and customer satisfaction. In the past three years, Robert has helped increase Widget's sales by over 300 percent and advanced their customer satisfaction ranking to first in the nation. He received the coveted Silver Statue Award for this effort. Robert is now bringing his customer satisfaction abilities to real estate and has joined the prestigious firm of aBC Realty.

Robert Agent can be reached at the midtown branch of aBC Realty at 123 Ridge Road. 800-555-1212.

Do not expect that your phone will be ringing with calls from potential buyers and sellers from one or two mentions in the newspaper. Having your press release published is a good beginning, but your name and face must appear many places to remind people that you are a real estate agent and available to help them.

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