Your Policies and Procedures Manual

Your policies and procedures manual will be a fluid document. You must update and change it to adapt to situations as they arise. Start with the things you believe will be an issue in your office. How will floor time be handled? Is there a dress code? How are the phones answered? In what order are referrals given out? How are generic calls handled versus calls that originate because an individual agent paid extra to advertise for them? What happens to an agent's clients when the agent is not in the office? Every time a new conflict occurs, a policy must be written for it. The first version of your manual should include things you know can occur.

Your policies and procedures manual should be dated. When changes occur they should be noted as changes in a dated document, as well as revised in the main manual. Some examples of possible policies you may want to include in your manual are photo policies, such as requiring a uniform look for professional photos; clarifying rules, such as a marketing department that must approve all ads; or assigning duties, such as stating that a certain position is responsible for importing the listing information to the MLS computer. Other things to consider when writing your policies and procedures manual are:

  • What are the penalties for noncompliance?

  • Do you fire people for being rude?

  • What is the commission structure you expect your agents to charge?

  • How will commission splits be determined?

Even the obvious may need to be in the policies and procedures manual, things such as “agents must empty their own trash daily.” Every agent should review your manual and sign a document stating so.

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