Getting Ready for an Interview

Interviewing for a real estate agent position is probably different from job interviews you have had in the past. When numerous applicants are vying for one opening, it's important to convince the interviewer that you are the best choice for the job. Real estate agencies interview many candidates. They're not trying to fill one position with the best applicant; they are trying to fill the entire office with the best (most productive, most promising) agents. You do want to make a good impression during your interview, but it is every bit as important for the agency to impress you.

Find out as much as you can about the agency before your interview. Its ads might tell you if the agency specializes in certain types of properties and ads should also reveal how many agents are already on staff. If possible, talk to a current agent to gather basic information — but don't make too many judgments about the agency until you've had a chance to speak with the broker-in-charge or the recruiter. Try to determine the normal dress code before your interview so that you dress appropriately. Plan to wear professional business attire if you cannot find out what is acceptable ahead of time.


Real estate agencies are nearly always in a recruiting mode. Many will accept as many licensed agents as space allows in exchange for floor duty (helping out with phone chores and walk-in customers). The agency incurs little short-term cost if you do not succeed, so they are willing to offer you desk space while they evaluate your performance.

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