Closing Gifts They'll Appreciate

Many agents give their clients a closing gift at the end of each successful real estate transaction. You've been through a lot of steps together to get to the closing table, sometimes difficult and stressful events. A gift is an extra way to say, “Thank you for your business.”

Personal Gifts

Try to tailor your gifts to suit each client. A gardener would appreciate a plant or gift certificate from a local nursery. Bird lovers might like a birdhouse to place outside at their new home. Quality wind chimes that play melodic tones are another possibility. Personal gifts have one thing in common: they are items your client will keep and they'll remember you when they look at them. Pay attention to each client's interests as you work with them and you'll find that personal gifts are not usually difficult to choose.

Helpful Gifts

Your buyer clients might be camping out at their new house for a day or two before their furniture and other belongings are moved. Giving them a gift certificate for a popular local restaurant would be a quick and easy way for them to have a relaxing meal out.

If you have the equipment, take a photo of your buyers' new house and put it into your computer. Use the photo to design and print postcards they can send to friends and family who might not see the house in person for a while. Be sure to include your buyers' new mailing address.


The Internal Revenue Service limits the amount you may deduct for a closing gift for any one transaction. You can certainly spend more if you wish, but be careful to only deduct the amount allowed by law. Check with your state's real estate division as well; the value of some gifts may put them into the “kickback” category and may not be allowed.

Some agents who work for franchised firms have the option of giving their clients a subscription to their parent franchise's homes magazine. All are publications that feature renovation and decorating ideas.

There are an endless number of possibilities for closing gifts. Determining an appropriate and thoughtful closing gift should be fun, and it will not be difficult if you've become acquainted with your clients during the transaction. Start thinking about it long before closing day and you'll be able to come up with a gift your clients will appreciate and remember.

Community Gifts

If your clients are new to the area, you may want to consider a gift that connects them to the community. If there are history or picture books about the region, this can make a great closing gift. It gives your client a chance to learn about the area and feel more connected to it. You may also want to create your own book of referrals to local businesses. Your clients will appreciate knowing whom to call for gardening services, a haircut, or for home repairs. Ask the local service people and businesses that you recommend to offer your clients a coupon, which you can include in the book.

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