The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Many people who adopt a raw foods diet experience health benefits in a matter of days or weeks. Deeper changes seem to take up to about six months. Raw foods enthusiasts report increased energy, beautiful skin, greater mental clarity, and better stamina.

Reduced Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease

The following research bears out the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables:

  • Researchers at Harvard Medical School tracked the health of more than 22,000 physicians. The study found those who ate at least 2½ servings of vegetables a day lowered their risk of heart disease by almost 25 percent.

  • At the University of California, Berkeley, researchers found that a high intake of fruits and vegetables also reduces the risk of cancer on average by 50 percent.

  • A recent study on diabetes at the University of North Carolina reported that a vegan diet rich in vegetables reduces diabetes indicators.

  • In Stockholm at a Swedish university hospital, researchers found that a vegan diet also increases immune protection against arthritis.

A diet that emphasizes fresh vegetables makes it easier to sidestep certain food allergies. For example, almost 1 percent of the U.S. population has a gluten allergy or celiac disease. Eating raw makes it much easier to avoid wheat products. Dairy allergies are also fairly common, and elements of dairy such as casein (the protein in milk) crop up everywhere, from soy cheese to canned tuna and deli meat. Typically raw foods contain no dairy products.

Looking and Feeling Younger

As impressive as the research data is, it pales in comparison with the feeling of waking up without aches and pains — and being able to look in the mirror and see your own natural beauty re-emerging. Eating raw foods also aids in:

  • Improved health. Many people who transition to raw foods report improvement in chronic health conditions. If you have a chronic illness, you may want to explore the health benefits of this type of diet. As with any medical condition, be sure to check with your health care provider.

  • Weight mastery. People eating raw foods find that it's easier to achieve their optimal weight. They report weight loss and increased muscle mass with only moderate exercise. When you receive true nourishment, food cravings and addictions tend to disappear. Your hunger is satisfied because the body has the essential nutrients it needs.

  • Providing essential vitamins and minerals. Foods in their raw state are much higher in vitamins and minerals.

  • Protecting the immune system. A raw food diet also conserves energy for the immune system. Studies by a Swiss researcher in 1930 showed that eating cooked food activates immune function (calling out the white blood cells and putting the body in a state of red alert). Raw food doesn't have this effect, so the body remains in a state of balance.

  • Working in sync with your genetic blueprint. Your genetic code is hard wired for raw foods. When you eat in sync with your genetics, your body will work better and you will feel better.

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