On Toddler Time

On the day that you have a bunch of errands to do—supermarket shopping, paying bills, returning something at the department store—your toddler seems to want to walk at a snail’s pace. Why is this? It could be a little bit of the toddler rebelliousness that creeps in during these months of rapid growth, or it could be simply that your child finds everything quite fascinating along the way. She has a lot to investigate—signs, trees, dogs, other people, stuff in the store, or the changing shapes of the clouds. All this is important work for her, just as your errands are important to you. The difference is, she’s not in a hurry. You will learn with experience how much a toddler can be expected to do during a given amount of time. It will be easier for both of you if you maintain a steady, yet flexible pace as you’re out and about.

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