When to Get Professional Help

No parent wants to find out their son is using drugs. That said, the reality is that even if you do everything correctly, your son may still use drugs. He may even become dependent on drugs or suffer other harmful side effects.

Signs Your Son Needs Help

The typical behavior of teens can feel very bewildering. Drug use might not be the only cause of some of the signs your son needs help. These signs can include:

  • Sudden changes in personality

  • Marked increase in irresponsible behavior

  • Change in personal appearance (clothing or hygiene)

  • Secretive behavior

  • Decrease in interest in hobbies

  • Poor grades

  • Irrational or rebellious behavior

  • Change in friends

  • Increase in music or literature that is pro-drug

  • Drug paraphernalia

  • Physical signs of drug abuse or use

Remember that some of these signs may be normal behavior for your son. The difference in a child who needs help is that the signs are not short-lived. If after a few days your son is still exhibiting these signs, it's time to get help. It may or may not be drugs, but he still needs professional help.

Your Son Is Caught

If you think your son is taking drugs, don't panic. That will actually cause more problems. If you think he is currently under the influence of drugs, don't argue or confront him; it may cause a violent reaction. If you find your son unconscious, call 9-1-1 immediately. Start applying first aid if he needs it. If he is breathing, simply turn him on his side and wait. Try to figure out what he took, when, and with whom. Ask those around him or people he was recently with.

Wait until your son sobers up to talk to him. He may try to lie or make excuses, but it is important for you to be firm and calm. If this is a first offense, simply invoke the rules previously put into place and the punishments attached to them. If the drug use becomes a repeated problem, seek help from a professional.

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