Emotional Changes

As with the growth your son's body undergoes, his emotions also change. This may mean mood swings as he adjusts to his hormones. It is also important to note how your son's experiences and relationships with others will change.


As your son grows emotionally, his relationships will change to reflect that. In some cases, old friendships may die out. This is a natural process, whether it happens through a large fight or gradual, mutual neglect that leads to both parties finding other friends.


Egocentric thinking starts in infancy. While it does go away eventually, growing out of it is a learning process. This change starts to happen for most boys in early adolescence. It can have a drastic effect on your son's relationships.

You may find that your son wants to be with adults more frequently. This may fulfill his desire to be older and show off his newfound maturity. It can be helpful if he finds a mentor, but it can also be a negative thing. You need to monitor any relationships your son has with other adults to make sure there are no inappropriate interactions.

Romantic Relations

It was once thought that young men weren't romantically inclined. Sure, they dated, but it was the girls that had all the feelings. Boys could simply date around and it wouldn't matter with whom they spent time or what happened when it was over because they approached relationships as emotionless hormone-crazed beings. A 2006 study published in American Sociological Review turns this theory on its head.

This study showed that boys are just as emotionally invested as girls in their early romantic relationships. It demonstrated that young men do have their hearts in their relationships and don't date simply to meet their physical needs. In fact, it showed that adolescent girls tend to wield more power than their boyfriends in making decisions in relationships, including decisions about sex. Regardless of gender, the study reported that puppy love isn't as insignificant as it is often portrayed. Early relationships are valuable experiences that teach boys how to conduct themselves and help shape future relationships. This study also documented how awkward it is for young men to talk about their relationships. It may be doubly hard for you to get your son to open up; he may not feel it's any of your business, and he's uncomfortable talking about it anyway.

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