Not enough parents talk to their daughters about promiscuity, a pattern of behavior that is characterized by casual sex with many partners. Yet they hope that their daughter is not promiscuous. Hope alone does not suffice in this case. Make sure that you find the topic easy to broach. Just ask your daughter why she wears a certain pair of shoes with her jeans, for instance, or why she carries a certain purse with another outfit. Of course, it is because she is discriminating. She has style. She chooses her belongings carefully, so she does not wear just any old rag.

Talk to her about the dangers of promiscuity, which include the following:

  • Ending up with emotional baggage, which can result from disappointing one's parents and the fear of pregnancy.

  • Having bad sexual experiences, the chances of which increase with the number of partners a girl has.

  • Not being able to develop a relationship. Boys do not feel an emotional attachment to a girl after sex the way girls do.

  • Count on this: Your daughter will weigh your words carefully. She knows you cannot follow her around wherever she goes and prevent her from not sticking to her plan to delay having sex until after high school, until she has found her true love, or until she is married. But when you make talking about sex comfortable long before she gets close to thinking about having sex, she will remember what you said. She will make the right choice. But even before she has her first boyfriend, she really should think about all the issues involved.

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