Fads and Trends

Fads and trends can be fun for your daughter when they are not overdone. By definition, fads enjoy a brief popularity. In other words, they come and go. Sometimes they come again, as in retro-fads and retro-trends. They can add spice to your girl if she knows how to handle them and put them into their proper perspective. Fads and trends generally express themselves in these areas:

  • Fashions

  • Collectibles

  • Activities

  • Events

  • Fads can be harmless, adding color to her otherwise blah days. Or they can be harmful, have repercussions, and leave lasting scars. Any fad relating to your girl's health needs looking into.


    A recent fad is wearing “circle contact lenses,” also called big-eye contact lenses. They make a girl's iris seem larger, and cause an illusion of larger eyes reminding us of a doe. They were originally used mainly by Korean celebrities. Unfortunately they are now available in the United States without a prescription and carry many dangers. For example, they may not fit properly, can deprive the eyes of oxygen, scratch the corneas, and cause other serious vision impairment.

    In talking to your daughter, point out some of the foolish trends of the past decades. Each had one major “craze,” or several.

    Fabulous Fads

    When we think back to the last century, several fads come to mind immediately. Here are a few you probably read about, heard about, or even participated in:

  • Stamp collecting in the 1930s

  • Hula hoops in the 1950s

  • Tie-dyed T-shirts in the 1960s

  • Video arcades in the 1980s

  • Each time young people took up the latest fad, their parents probably shook their heads, wondering, “What will they think of next?” Besides that, however, not much that was negative came from those fads. They were just diversions, not perversions.

    Bad Fads

    But other decades showed us that humans can be fascinated by odder activities. In fact, certain time spans in history offered several quite questionable pursuits as the latest things to do. Here are a few that may not have been insane, but they were definitely inane:

  • Goldfish swallowing in the 1940s

  • Streaking naked across a sports field in the 1970s

  • Getting many tattoos in the 1990s

  • Body piercing in the 2000s

  • Chuckle with your daughter over some of the zany fads of the past and make sure she can tell the difference between a benign fad and a bad fad. Try to be less judgmental as you might like to be when you discuss fads with her — reality TV shows, for example. Why not let her have her fill and fun with American Idol or the many talent, cooking, dancing, and fright contests/reality shows that have overtaken TV. She and her group can get their own talent-show video on YouTube, but again, it must be something Grandma would approve of.

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