Handling Accidents

Even after diapers are no longer needed, you need to keep in mind that accidents do happen, especially to two-year-olds. It is imperative you understand that accidents in no way indicate that your child is doing something wrong. Your explanation of accidents as being a natural part of the learning process will help your child feel confident and secure.

Accidents are most likely to happen when your child is engaged in another activity, such as playing, and simply doesn't hear her body saying that it's time to go to the bathroom. She is still getting used to noticing the signals her body gives her, as well as learning to interpret what these mean.

You need to pay attention to your two-year-old for clues about when she might need a bathroom. Often, boys will put their hands on their gentitals, and children of both sexes will wiggle or hop. Remind your child that she needs to use the bathroom and that if she delays (because she's having fun), at a certain point she will go whether she's near a toilet or not. Accidents can be good teachers, serving as reminders to your child of what can happen if she holds in her bladder or bowel movements too long.

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