First Haircuts

To a mom, haircuts are a fabulous luxury. A relaxing hour during which someone actually washes your hair for you and then makes you feel beautiful — what could be better? But to a small child, a haircut only means one thing: a pair of scissors coming at her. Somehow even one-year-olds know that can't be good. At some point in the next twelve months, you'll probably have to cut your child's hair. If she's calm about it, great, but if not you'll need to do some prep work.

The first and best thing you can do is to take your child and a friend with you when you get a haircut yourself. Or go with a friend who is getting her hair cut. This way, your child will see that there's nothing frightening to you about a haircut. You can also take her to a salon that specializes in cutting children's hair. These salons usually have fun seats shaped like airplanes or thrones, and the stylists have experience helping children feel comfortable. Plus, they know how to cut their hair!

If your child gets really frightened at the salon, you might try cutting a small piece of your hair at home on your own. This way, she'll see that it doesn't hurt and you can show her the hair after you've cut it. Some one-year-olds don't need to worry about haircuts because not all children have lots of hair at this age. In fact, you may be concerned that your child — boy or girl — will never get a full head of hair. Don't worry — it will happen!

In the meantime, you may want to dress your daughter up by putting a barrette or ribbon in her hair. If so, do this only for short periods of time, and make sure it's not too tight. Her hair is delicate at this age, and pulling it too much can make it thinner. Also, babies tend to pull barrettes out, which defeats the barrette's purpose and can break their hair.

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