Pug Price Tag

Whether you buy from a hobby breeder, a backyard breeder, or a pet store, you can expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $1,500, depending on the quality of the puppy and where the breeder is located. A reputable breeder who performs the proper testing on breeding stock — CERF eye clearances and OFA patella and/or hip clearances — usually sells puppies for $450 in the South and Midwest, a price that can rise to $900 or more on the East and West coasts. A pug puppy with show potential can sell for as much as $1,500, again depending on where the breeder is located. Price can also vary by gender. Females generally cost more than males.

Some breeders charge less for pet-quality puppies than for puppies with potential as show dogs. Reasons a puppy might be sold as pet quality include being too big or having such aesthetic flaws as light eyes or an incorrect coat. Some breeders don't like to keep dogs with white toenails in their breeding programs. If the dog is healthy, however, none of these flaws will detract from his ability to be a great companion. On the other hand, some breeders charge the same amount for pet- or show-quality puppies because all of the pups have had the same good health care, nutrition, and socialization. Neither philosophy is right or wrong.

Expect to find prices in pet stores as high or higher than those from reputable breeders. You get the most for your money, though, when you buy from a reputable hobby breeder who has put thought, time, expertise, and expense into the breeding of his litter. The money you invest in a healthy puppy will give you a return of many years of pug love.

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