Welcoming a New Employee

My grandmother, who is without a doubt the wisest person I know, has a simple yet tremendously insightful philosophy about cooking. She says, when it comes to cooking, “if you put in good, you get good.” And she's right. She always prepares meals using the freshest, tastiest, most high quality ingredients; and by putting those fine ingredients into her cooking, whatever she makes always comes out superb.

As the director of human resources for Aztec, Inc., I've found myself using my grandmother's philosophy as a guidepost for hiring all new employees. Like my grandmother and her faith in good ingredients, I've believed that, by “putting good” into this company, “good” will result. So I've made a commitment to seeking out only the best, most accomplished and skilled people to come be a part of Aztec, Inc. And the results of those hiring practices are evident in this company's outstanding achievements that only seem to increase with each talented new person who joins us.

Today, we welcome a new ingredient to our extraordinary company mix, someone who has already proven herself to be a genius at what she does. Andrea Gold, who joins us today as a vice president of marketing, comes to us from Zip Four Communications, where she worked in the marketing department for the past eight years. In addition to working on an impressive list of high-profile accounts that includes Cryon Comm, Bengal, and Genie.com, Andrea was the genius behind the “Synergy” campaign, which set new industry standards in computer marketing strategies. That campaign also earned Andrea the 2005 “Marketing Mind” of the Year Award from the American Association of Communications and Marketing Professionals.

Yes, there's no question that, in the world of marketing, Andrea is one of the best there is working today, and we are very lucky to have her. I'm certain that she'll be “putting good” into our company, and we'll all benefit from her contribution in the days to come. I hope in the next few days, you'll take the time to introduce yourselves to Andrea and to make her feel welcome. Help her to blend in and become a part of this special, talented mix we are so fortunate to have here at Aztec.

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