Presenting an Award

One of the most rewarding components of my job is getting to reward others. And no award gives me greater pleasure to bestow than Employee of the Month. Often the only reward for hard work is the quiet satisfaction of seeing a job well done. And while this pride is meaningful, it is important to the company that we take time to shine a spotlight on individual players on our team.

As you know, since we began awarding an Employee of the Month back in June 1995, we have often lauded employees whose contributions are obvious, such as winning a new client or creating a new campaign. It's important, though, that we take equal pride in those workers whose skillful and steadfast work is an integral part of this company's overall success. For this month's award, the awards committee and myself decided to reward just such a devoted worker — and we knew almost immediately who was most deserving of it. It is with great pride that I bestow this month's Employee of the Month award to Christopher Paceyak.

Christopher is the embodiment of a true company man. His dedication to this company comes through in his every action, from the extra hours he often devotes to his job to his enthusiastic coaching of our softball team. His can-do attitude has been the driving force behind many an outstanding project, which he oversees from start to finish with an eye on perfection. His quiet confidence in times of crisis frequently has a calming effect on even his most stressed-out coworkers, and his morale and good humor have proven downright infectious. Christopher knows that in order for him to look good at his job, it behooves him to have the whole department look good. His colleagues have marveled at how he always knows when someone needs a helping hand and then doesn't bat an eye about offering his services.

In today's often impersonal work world, Christopher always makes sure he is accessible. Our clients often ask for him by name, and his friendly attitude never fails in setting them at ease. I'll never forget the time I went to pitch a new client — the Allenberg Theatre — and at the start of our meeting, they asked me if Christopher Paceyak would be available to work on their account! They'd heard about his wonderful work through our other clients.

Woody Allen once remarked that 80 percent of success is showing up. Christopher has shown that not to be true. It's not just showing up that makes him such an inspiration — although he has maintained a stellar attendance record throughout his employment here — it's the warmth, dedication, and energy he brings with him into this office each and every day that have made all of us a little bit happier to be here. Christopher, it is with great delight that I present you with December's Employee of the Month plaque. We here at Ticketflash would also like to give you a gift certificate for a dinner for four at your favorite local restaurant. Enjoy. Thank you for your devotion. And, Christopher, keep up the great work.

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