Biological Psychology

Other areas of psychology that are having increasingly broad impact across the major psychological disciplines fall under the umbrella term biological psychology. This refers in general to researchers who study relationships between behavior and any aspects of bodily functioning, but foremost among them nowadays are those who search for direct links between behavior and the brain or behavior and the mind. Those who stay fairly close to observable brain-behavior relationships are called behavioral neuroscientists. Those who extend their study to the as-yet unobservable processes of the mind are called cognitive neuroscientists.

Both utilize highly sophisticated brain scanning and monitoring equipment to study what goes on in the brain in response to external events or while certain tasks are being performed. Their research includes accurately assessing which areas of the brain are active in a given situation and how the flow of information through the brain takes place. Their approach is being applied to areas such as understanding the physiological bases for learning and memory, emotionality, and mental and behavioral disorders.

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