Stories from Before

Once children begin to talk, they may tell you stories from before. These stories can range from experiences before birth and between lifetimes, of past lives, or of things they know and experience from other worlds or dimensions. Their second reality is open to the Universe, and time has no parameters or boundaries for them.

If it is possible, you may want to set aside a period of time each day called Story Time. It may be during a period when the child is encouraged to rest, stay quiet, or read. It should be in a place they feel safe, comfortable, and free from interruptions. It is important to establish an activity that is fun and one that the child looks forward to. It should be an experience where the child feels free to let their imagination take both of you wherever it goes, as long as it is positive and beneficial.

Never force children to tell you more than they want to. If the experience of Story Time is unpleasant, they will not be as open and sharing of their stories from before. The more comfortable they are, the easier it will be.

It may take some time to establish a routine. Children tend to have a short attention span, and they may be reluctant to share at first. As long as they feel you are truly interested in what they know from the past, sooner or later they will become comfortable and learn to trust in your intentions. You may be amazed when they begin to confide in you about their experiences from before.

Collect the data from Story Time, and make notes on where you would like them to elaborate in the next session. Remember to keep in mind the five different image senses when you ask your questions.

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