Pendulum Dowsing

The pendulum is the easiest method of dowsing to learn; the term itself is a fancy word for any object suspended from a string or chain so that you can swing it freely. It should have some weight to it, but you don't want a pendulum that's either too heavy or too light. The weight can be of any material, from a fine crystal to a metal washer. The length of the chain or string can measure anywhere up to a foot.

Anton Mesmer was one of the first to use the pendulum to induce a hypnotic trance. The subject's eyes would go out of focus when he stared at the swinging object, which established the first step of a light trance state. The term “to mesmerize” means to hypnotize.

You don't need to make your own pendulum from scratch — a necklace with a stone would do just fine, as long as it will dangle freely and comfortably from your fingers. An old-fashioned pocket watch, which happens to be a traditional induction device for a hypnotist, can also be used for dowsing.

Let the Session Begin

Many people make daily decisions with the help of their pendulums, through the responses they receive from how the pendulum swings. Using a dowsing pendulum is another way for keeping in touch with your inner guides and your unconscious and the Universal Mind.

When you have found the right implement and have centered yourself, take hold of the string with your thumb and first finger. (If holding it that way is a problem, you can try another position that is comfortable for you.) Let the pendulum swing freely at a length of anywhere from eight inches to a foot below your thumb and finger. Now hold the pendulum in front of you, with your thumb and finger at eye level, and at a comfortable distance away from your head, approximately eighteen inches.

If you have trouble holding your arm steady, you can brace it with your other hand by holding your forearm just below the elbow. You can also rest your pendulum arm on a support that still allows the pendulum to swing freely.

Show Me “Yes”

First, you'll want to figure out which movement of the pendulum will indicate a positive answer. Let the pendulum dangle freely for a moment. Keep your two eyes focused on the hanging part as you focus on your third eye. When you are ready, ask the pendulum, “Show me ‘Yes.'” The pendulum will swing in one direction. Keep your arm as steady as possible and let the pendulum go to work. It may swing back and forth, sideways, or front to back, or it may rotate in a circle either clockwise or counterclockwise. Let it swing freely for a few moments until you can clearly see what direction the pendulum swings to indicate “yes.”

Show Me “No”

Now that you have established the direction of “yes,” ask the pendulum to show the direction of “no.” Again, make sure that you are allowing the pendulum to swing freely, and pay attention to how it changes direction to indicate “no.” Now ask it to reaffirm “yes” again, and watch as it changes direction again. You can practice changing between “yes” and “no” several times so that you will get used to the different ways the pendulum swings.

When you begin to work with your pendulum, you may find that it swings in very small movements. If that's the case, you may need a little more weight to help build up the momentum. Try different devices until you get one that works best for you.

Now ask the pendulum to stop, and wait until it comes to a standstill. Your pendulum should slowly stop its swinging. As you practice, this exercise will relax you while you keep yourself focused on your third eye with your mind and on the pendulum with your eyes.

Ask Permission to Dowse

Now you are ready to ask your pendulum questions. All questions need to be phrased so that the answers are either a “yes” or a “no.” If the pendulum cannot answer the question — if, for instance, the answer is not available — it will come to a standstill.

First, ask your pendulum for permission to ask questions at this time. If it swings in the direction of “yes,” you are free to ask questions directed to the source that controls the pendulum. If it is “no,” you may not be totally centered or the subject matter may not be appropriate at this time.

What Questions Do I Ask?

You might start with something simple, like a question about the weather: Will the weather be fair tomorrow? Try something that is relatively unimportant and at the same time can be checked for accuracy. Here are a few other ideas:

  • • Will the stock market go up today?

  • • Will I hear from my friend today?

  • • Will I get a response for a question I've asked today?

  • Many pendulum users ask questions that they would pose to their guides, angels, or the Universal Mind. They are usually looking for some sort of direction to take when making a decision. These decisions can be as simple as where to eat or as complex as guidance in career moves and relationship situations. Some people involve dowsing in every decision-making aspect of their lives. It is their way of consulting their Belief System.

    Who or What Controls the Pendulum?

    So who or what is really controlling the pendulum? Is it you, your unconscious mind, or your Universal Mind? Maybe the communication comes from your guides or angels? Or is it purely by random or involuntary body movement related to your questions so that you are giving yourself the answer you want? No one knows for sure.

    You will have to decide for yourself as you continue to experiment with dowsing. However, it does seem that there is a strong connection between dowsing and psychic ability. It may become a very important psychic tool for you. Don't get discouraged if your results aren't earth shattering at first. If you find it enjoyable and positive, you can always pick up a dowsing tool when you want to ask for a little more help from the Universe.

    An old tale claims that if you hold a needle suspended on a thread over a pregnant woman's stomach, you will be able to determine the birth date and the sex of the baby. Ask where “yes” and “no” are; then ask permission. With those basics covered, you can then ask the month and day of birth and sex of the baby.

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