Finger Dowsing

If you find that you have a natural gift for dowsing, you may not need to have a tool other than your fingers. This ability is part of your mental makeup. Each of you will respond a little differently whether you dowse with a tool or with your fingers. Some of you may feel tingling or heat or cold or heaviness or even have a response through one of your other senses when you use your fingers to dowse.

It is always important to make sure you are centered, grounded, and protected before you begin to dowse with a part of your body. To use your fingers effectively for dowsing, the energy must flow and circulate freely through all of them. Rub your hands together to raise your temperature and get the blood moving. Next, shake your fingers to make sure that you have released any energy that has been absorbed by other fields. Ask your Universal Mind to show you how you will receive accurate information through your fingers that can be used positively to help yourself and others.

If you are dowsing an aura, hold your hand open, with the palms facing the person you are measuring. You may start about two feet away from her body and slowly move closer. As you move in, you should begin to have some sensation in your fingers. You are now feeling the other person's energy field. As you move slowly around her, you may feel differences in her energy.

As you develop and fine-tune your dowsing abilities, pay close attention to all the information you are receiving. Are you getting images in pictures, sounds in your head, tastes in your mouth, or the aroma of certain smells? If so, these may become very useful as you further develop your psychic gifts.

Remote Finger Dowsing

You can use your fingers in the same way as other dowsing tools to get information from maps or other items. Remember always to ask for specific information. The clearer you are about what it is you are asking for, the more accurate the information that comes back will be. Always start with a large area or general information and then begin to hone in on the target. Check from several different directions.

You can also dowse items such as clothes from a missing person. You can ask for “yes” and “no” sensations through your fingers or other parts of your body and get the same response that a dowsing tool would give you. Your entire body is a resource ready and waiting to assist you in reaching your psychic potential. The more you are aware of your feelings, the more you will begin to know your special gifts.

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