The World of Spirits

In addition to angels and the souls of those who have passed on to the Other Side, there are other nonphysical entities that exist in the spirit world. A spirit may be a fairy, ghost, power animal, or another entity. Some people believe that spirits are evil and the idea of communication with a spirit may bring an image to your mind of working with the devil. Others are afraid that evil spirits would take control of their body, mind, and spirit.

An exorcism is a rite that is performed by a priest of the Catholic Church to rid a victim of the evil spirits that possess him. The rite has been used since the early 1600s. Other religions perform their own type of exorcisms. For example, Pentecostal Christians use the laying-on of hands.

The fear of spirit possession is very real to many people. The ones who are most vulnerable to this concept are those who are not grounded in a strong belief. Their self-doubt can leave them open to the idea and fear of being possessed. You need to banish your fears and accept the goodness of the Universe with the help of its golden light.

On the other hand, you may consider a spirit to be something that can be your guide and help you through life. You may have an image in your mind of what a spirit looks like. You may already be working with your spirit. A spirit who is there to help you is called a spirit guide.

You may consider your positive spirit guides as you identify what may journey through your life with you. As you consider that possibility, think back on your life, and you may find you already have a good idea. The following questions are designed to help you remember clues that you may have dismissed in the past.

Who's Been Guiding You?

For a brief moment, take a relaxing breath, exhale, and think back to your childhood. When you were very little, did you have a fantasy world where you could play and talk with spirits? If so, how old were you when you first met them, and how old were you when you stopped communicating with them?

How did you experience your childhood fantasies? Did you see, hear, feel, smell, or get a taste of whom or what they were? Did you ever tell anyone about them? If so, what was their response? Did other people's advice affect the way you accepted or rejected your fantasy experiences?

If you have had a form of spirit with you, is that being still there? If so, how do you communicate with them? In which of the five senses do you experience them? If you don't, when was the last time you were aware of them? If they are not there now, can you imagine what it was like when they were with you?

The spirits you may have communicated with could have had particular shapes and roles, such as any of the following:

  • Fairies: Spirits that resemble tiny people, fairies live in the woods and are known for their magical powers. They are a part of Celtic lore and especially popular with children, probably due to their small size. A fairyland is a magical place where children live in a fantasy world full of enchanting wonderment.

  • Gatekeepers: In the psychic world, these are spirit guards who watch out for you as you travel about in other realms. A gatekeeper is your strong and powerful guide and protector. You can count on this being to help keep your energy centers in balance as he controls what enters and leaves.

  • Power animals: Animals have been connected to mysticism since time immemorial. If you have a power animal, it could be one from nature, such as a wolf or a bear; a domestic pet, perhaps one that crossed over but still lingers with you to watch over and comfort you. You may have a favorite animal that you think of often that may already be a guide for you.

  • Whatever your spirits are, they may visit you in your dreams. Do you have dreams that include forms of spirit guides or animals? If so, how often do you dream about them? Do they come for specific reasons that relate to your life situation at that time? Do they have messages for you from beyond?

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