Your Own Healing Powers

Do you know or think that you have a psychic gift to be a medical intuitive? If you have this ability, it does not mean that you have to announce it to everyone you know. Once you become aware of your potential, you are free to use it in your own best interests and those of others, in a way that is comfortable and positive for you. Here are some questions to help you identify your healing strengths.

Do you have intuitive feelings about your or other people's health? If so, how do you get these feelings? Can you intuit other people's medical problems? If so, how? Is it through mental pictures, or colors, or just energy? Do you hear voices or other sounds that indicate a medical problem? Do you get a feeling of health problems? If so, where do you feel it, mentally or physically? Can you touch and feel auras? Can you dowse a body for health problems?

Do you experience smells that indicate health situations? It might be in the smell of someone's breath or body odor. Do you get a taste in your mouth that might give you a clue to a health condition? You may even get combinations of sense images that can give you a clearer indication of your own or another person's health condition.

Using Your Psychic Ability

If you have the psychic gift of knowing health conditions of others, you may want to develop it further. A medical intuitive is someone who has the ability to read others' health conditions and translate them into traditional medical terms. The diagnosis can then be treated medically. As with body scanning, you may want to seek the proper medical training to help you communicate what you already know psychically.

If you want to develop your healing gifts, study as many alternative healing modalities as possible to help you decide which one works best for you and for those with whom you will work. The way you work with healing practices will be different from anyone else's way of working. The important thing is that whatever you do works best for yourself and others.

If you are already working in the medical field — whether as a doctor, a nurse, or in another professional capacity — and you have the psychic gift of reading health conditions, then you are ready to develop your intuitive side. The first step is to understand what you already know psychically. This includes understanding your mental makeup and learning how your mind processes sensory information. The next step is to create a plan to help you further sharpen your natural psychic talents. You are already in the health profession, so why not use all your tools and knowledge to help your patients heal?

Your Responsibility as a Healer

Not everyone is comfortable with the role of healer. It is a special gift, and it comes with a lot of responsibility. The first is to acknowledge that the real healer is the Universal Force of peace and love. The second is to understand that you are not a doctor or a nurse unless you are trained as one, and you are only assisting a person to use her mental and spiritual selves to work with those trained in medicine to bring about wellness. As a psychic healer, you are not a substitute for a trained medical professional.

It is very important to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you will be in tune to work with the healing energy of the Universe. The opportunity you've been given is unique and different from anyone else's on earth. It is your choice to be in tune with it.

So many gifted psychics, whether they are healers or work in other modalities, do not live up to the responsibility of keeping themselves in balance. The result is the work they do may not be their best and they may not be able to use their intuitive healing gifts to the best of their potential.

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