Understanding Auras

As you have already learned, your body is an energy grid. You have many energy centers, including your seven major chakras. When the energy is flowing evenly and all your centers are in balance, you are in tune mentally, physically, and spiritually with yourself and the Universal Energy. Your three minds are all working together in harmony with your Belief System and your guidance team. You are always connected to your third eye and completely immersed in a golden bubble of universal peace and love.

Needless to say, to stay in this situation all the time is impossible. You are always being thrown off balance by life's resistances, both small and large. How soon you regain your balance and keep yourself in positive energy can have a direct outcome on your own wellness. When positive energy flow is blocked, negative energy can manifest itself through a weakness in your body, usually causing illness.

The flow of positive energy is what creates an energy field known as an aura. The more out of balance you are, the more your aura will be out of balance as well. That balance can be affected from moment to moment, and it is also influenced by the way you have taken care of yourself over a long period of time. The longer your aura remains unbalanced, the more susceptible you are to minor and major illnesses.

Just about everyone has the ability to sense auras one way or another. If you are not aware of how you do it, you may not be paying attention to the clues you are giving yourself. Look for signals from your unconscious and your Universal Mind, and pay attention to your guidance systems.

Reading an Aura

Each of you will read auras a little differently. Your mental makeup will help indicate how you will best experience an aura reading. If you have a strong visual sense, you may be able to see it. If you have a strong hearing sense, you may hear — either by voice or by other sounds — the energy of the aura. If you are sensitive to touch, you may feel an aura. If you have a strong sense of smell, you may smell the aura, and if you have a strong sense of taste, you may actually taste it. Some people may be able to use all of their senses, while others rely on two or more that combine to provide them with the image. A feeling may create a picture, or a smell may produce a feeling.

When you begin to pay attention to auras, make sure you have a strong sense of being grounded and secure. This way you will not absorb the energy that you are attempting to read.

Your first step is to identify how you read an aura. Once you've figured that out, the next step is to collect the information you receive. What does it mean? When you read someone's aura, can you use the information to develop a model of his health? If so, can you compare what you read to how this person actually feels?

Ask yourself whether you can tell by the color of the aura, by white or golden energy, by sound, by feeling, by touch, by smell, or by taste? Can you dowse the individual's energy field? Can you feel negative or positive energy, and how can you apply what you feel to the actual health of the person? How about taste and smell? At first, you may want to keep a record of your observations to help validate the information you are receiving.

Identify Healthy and Unhealthy Auras

The next step is to apply your knowledge of how you read an aura to how you can develop an understanding of what you are reading. As you get experience, you will notice aura patterns that can give a sense of what the auras mean. These patterns will help you produce mind models of what is a good positive healthy aura and a negative unhealthy one.

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