Healing Negative Energies

Once you have an understanding of positive and negative auras, you can begin to locate the specific areas of a person's body that emit negative energy. You may even be able to determine through your five senses what the cause of the negative energy is and develop a healing model for the negative aura. In other words, you may be able to diagnose what someone's negative aura means and then develop a model for her to change it if she chooses to.

Many people do not want to know anything that makes them feel responsible for someone else. They put up a defensive mental shield to block any such knowledge. If you have knowledge, don't expect others to accept what you know. All you can do is drop hints and hope they discover them.

There are two specific ways that healing energy is transferred through you. It either comes in through you, or you let it flow out through you into the Universe. If you are a receiver, you are on the receiving end of someone else's energy. This ability is enhanced by your mental makeup. Receivers who do not find an outlet for the energy they take in can take on the characteristics of that energy.

If you do not understand your ability to receive energy, you can be overwhelmed by it when you begin to develop your psychic abilities of reading and working with auras. Massage students can suddenly manifest the pain that a client is feeling. A beginning Reiki student may feel the client's illness, whether mentally or physically. If you absorb the energy of the person you are trying to heal, that's because you haven't been able to work with your Belief System and have taken ownership of someone else's negative energy.

The other type of healer sends a strong Universal Energy through herself from an external source and into the client's body so that it flows over and removes the negative energy. The sender creates a stronger image of power, whereas the absorber is much more mellow. One potential problem for the projector is that the ego, and not the Universe, is responsible for the healing. If you take ownership of the power, you can totally change the healing energy into your own negative energy, which is not good for your clients or for you.

Develop a Model for Healing

What is going to be your strategy for healing? Can you develop a model in your mind of how you read someone's energy? Which of the senses or combination of senses will you use — vision, hearing, feeling, taste, or smell? Can you create a negative model and from that a positive model for a change? Can you imagine helping transform the negative aura into a positive aura? Your image would be based on the way you understand the difference between negative and positive auras.

Are you a sender or a receiver? Your conscious mind may not know yet, but your unconscious and your Universal Mind do. You may feel the Universal Power in your fingers, or you may have the ability to snatch away the negative aura and deposit it out in the vast Universe. You may want to take classes in alternative healing, such as Reiki, or in ways of understanding auras to help you find and develop your gifts.

Whenever you work on yourself or someone else with healing energy, remember you are only doing something that is complementary to Western medicine. You are not offering a substitute for what a medical doctor would do.

You can always practice on yourself. Try slowly smoothing out your own aura, especially on days when you feel out of balance. Can you create an image of any negative energy that might be in you? If so, can you bring a positive image over the negative and feel yourself being filled with universal peace and love from a healing energy at the same time? You may be amazed at the positive effect that healing energy can have on you or on someone else.

Harness the Power of Universal Force

Now it's time to focus on bringing the Universal Force through you as a healing energy. Try this with yourself first. When you work with others, you will not be able to put yourself in the same state of relaxation as you can when you are working with yourself. However, you will still be able to develop a strong connection to the Universal Power.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Feel your body relaxing as you continue to breathe slowly in and out. When you are ready, focus on your third eye and let yourself feel the Universal Force of peaceful and loving healing energy begin to flow in through your third-eye chakra. You may feel this healing force as it starts to flow down through your body to your throat chakra. Let the healthy feeling of peace and love balance your throat center and continue on until all your energy centers are open and balanced with the peaceful and healing love of the Universal Force.

Feel your highest chakra, the crown center, open and balance, as you are aware of the total connection and protection of the Universal Force. You may ask your Belief that only the purest healing energy may flow through you to be passed on to the proper area of your or someone else's physical, mental, or spiritual body. You may ask that this loving healing energy allow the person for whom it is intended to find his or her balance and be tuned by this universal healing energy.

Let the Energy Flow

Now that you are centered, grounded, and protected by universal love, you may begin allowing the healing energy to flow through the areas that need healing. Remember, do it your way, the way that you have already identified as using your most powerful image senses. If you are clairvoyant, see. If you are clairaudient, hear. If you are clairsentient, feel.

If you are strong in taste and smell imagery, use those senses to help amplify the universal healing energy of peace and love that is flowing through you. If you are a receiver, ask for the negative energy to be collected by your loving hands so that it can be sent out into the Universe to be healed with peace and love. The more you practice these concepts, adding the special things that work only for you, you will find yourself more and more in tune with the healing, peaceful, and loving energy of the Universe.

Work with Someone Else

Once you are comfortable working with yourself, it is time to work with others. Use the knowledge that you have gained through your experiences, and work with someone you know who is receptive. Start slowly, and just read his aura so that you can develop a model of his health. Look for positive and negative energy and physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

It is very important to remember that you are not the healer — the Universe is. Your responsibility is to keep yourself in balance so that you are the best conduit possible for the universal healing energy.

When you have decided on a healing strategy, start to bring positive energy in and draw the negative energy out. This action is meant to help an individual connect to the universal healing energy. Always center yourself, and ask the Universal Mind to send its healing energy of love and peace either through you into the person or directly into the person. Next, you draw the negative energy out through you to flow back into the Universe to be healed with peace and love.

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