Connect to Your Psychic Abilities

Now that you are able to go into a trance, you can use it to help you develop your psychic abilities. As you put yourself into a trance, you can combine your sensory image strengths that are part of your natural mental makeup with your third eye and your Belief and guidance systems. As you perform this exercise, remember that your way of making this connection is unique, and the script that you build for yourself is unique as well.

Creating a Script

A script is an induction read by a hypnotist to his subject to induce a trance state. It contains key words and a progressive, ever-deepening language pattern. As you are your own hypnotist, you have control of your own script.

You can write out your script if you want and make changes to it as you repeat the exercise. You can tape it, or you might choose to have someone read it to you. At first you may want to work on only one portion at a time, at least until you get comfortable with each section. You can always use aids, such as recorded music or other sounds, that help induce a trance for you. The more you practice, the easier it will be to enter a deeper state of relaxation.

Prepare Yourself

This exercise will require between ten and twenty minutes of your time. If you can plan a time when you are likely to have the fewest interruptions, the calm will help you develop your focus. If there are others who might try to interrupt, you might consider asking them to help by not bothering you for a few minutes.

Start the exercise by choosing a place where you can relax. Begin to get comfortable. Take a deep breath of your favorite relaxing smell and slowly exhale. As you continue to breathe in and out slowly, let your eyes and mind focus upward to your third eye. When you're ready, let your eyes close, and let yourself feel your connection to your third eye becoming stronger and stronger. Feel yourself drifting farther and farther away from your surroundings while still knowing where you are.

Spend a few moments just enjoying where you are. As you relax, you may anticipate yourself going deeper in a few moments. You may let your muscles relax as you breathe in and out. You may imagine your favorite sounds and smells and let them deepen your relaxation even more. Any conscious thoughts you have may come and go as you allow yourself to relax.

If for some reason an exercise makes you uncomfortable, just open your eyes and think of something positive. Then you can feel free to resume your daily activity. You may also remind yourself that you will go to a trance depth that is appropriate for the moment and that, in trance, you will be aware of your surroundings.

Counting Down

You may now feel your third-eye connection — the Golden Light of the Universe — as it prepares to spread throughout your body. You may feel very positive and relaxed as you enjoy its protective energy. If you are ready, you may begin counting downward from five to zero as you prepare to experience a pleasant memory image in all your five senses. It may be the same image every time or a different one, real or imaginary:

5. Take a deep breath and feel the golden light from the Universe begin to spread down through your third eye over your forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, back of your head, mouth, chin, and neck, to your shoulders. You may feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper as though you were descending a stairway to the center of your unconscious and through to your Universal Mind. With each step, you will go deeper and deeper as your connection gets stronger and stronger.

4. You may now feel the golden light spread over your shoulders and down your upper arms, your elbows, forearms, wrists, and fingers, all the way to the fingertips. As you breathe in and out, you may feel yourself going deeper and deeper. You may relax more and more as you feel the protective energy of the Universe.

3. You may feel yourself going deeper as you feel the golden light spread down over the upper part of your body, over your chest and back, and all the way to your waist. You may also feel yourself wrapped in the protective bubble of Universal Energy. You may focus on your favorite sound or smell as you slowly breathe in and out. You feel the third eye and the connection to the Universe is even stronger and stronger as you feel the power of the positive protective energy that flows through you. You are going deeper and deeper.

2. The positive energy of the Universe is now spreading all the way down to your knees as you feel yourself going deeper and deeper. Any positive imagery you experience is getting clearer and clearer as you focus on the beauty and powerful energy of the Universal Mind. You may feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper inside as you continue going down to the place where you are in full contact with the Universe. It is a place where you can feel safe and protected, far away from the conscious world around you.

1. You are almost at that special place. You may feel the golden light spreading down to your ankles as you go deeper and deeper. You feel your focus becoming clearer and clearer as you drift away from your conscious thoughts. The protective energy flows around and through you.

0. You are in a deep state of communication with the Universal Mind. You feel yourself totally wrapped in the protective energy of the universal golden light that is spreading throughout your entire body.

Develop Your Focus

Take a few moments to enjoy the protective energy of the Universe. When you are ready, focus on a positive visual image from either your memory or from your imagination. Allow this image to become clearer and clearer in your focus. You may add in your other senses, that is, your sense of hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. The more you experience, the more you will feel the powerful, protective energy of the Universal Mind. You are in a beautiful golden bubble of universal light.

This is an excellent method to help you strengthen your focus. At zero, you can practice getting clear images in each one of the five senses. Try changing your perspective as you experience your image. The more comfortable you become, the more it will help your psychic development.

Feel yourself moving about in your image. You may choose simply to watch, or you may experience all the positive sensations connected with it. Feel yourself totally connected to your Belief and all the universal knowledge that is there to help and guide you through your life map. Breathe slowly in and out as you focus on your positive, relaxing images. You are far removed from your conscious analytical mind.

Exploring Your Senses

Let yourself focus in on your visual image. You may be able to see colors or energy. Whatever you see, remember that it is positive and compatible with the universal golden light. Put yourself in the image, and then let yourself watch from a distance. Each time you experience it, you will see something that is important to focus on. Continue to breathe in and out, feeling relaxed and connected to the protective energy of the Universe.

Now focus on your hearing sense. Imagine sounds that are relaxing and positive. Turn the volume up or down, and slow the sounds down or speed them up. Adjust what you are hearing until the sounds are in the proper balance for you. The more you are comfortable, the more you will focus. If you can hear pleasant conversations going on within your image, let yourself listen in, and move about from different viewpoints.

Next, add in your kinesthetic sense to get the feel of the image and the moods. Experience different textures, temperatures, and emotions. Now include tastes and smells. Let yourself drift through a virtual reality of your different senses. Spend as long as you want there, feeling safe and secure as you explore the regions of your unconscious and your Universal Mind.

Anchor Your Experience

Before you leave and return to the surface of your conscious mind, give yourself word and touch anchors that will help you recreate your connection with your sense imagery. Choose a word that brings back this special feeling. Say it to yourself several times, experiencing how you feel when you are connected to your Universal Energy. Do the same thing with a touch, such as a thumb and finger pressed together.

A posthypnotic suggestion is presented to your unconscious mind while it is in a relaxed state and free from your analytical conscious mind. It adds the suggestion to your memory recall, and when you need to feel the suggestion, it surfaces in your conscious mind and is accepted without question.

While you are still in your deep relaxed state, suggest to yourself that each time you experience this exercise or use your anchors, you will become more and more comfortable with the way you process your five sense images. You may tell yourself that your abilities are given to you by the Universe to be used for the good of both yourself and others.

You may suggest that anytime you need it, the universal bubble of golden light is there to surround you and protect you. It is a suggestion you can use everyday. This will be helpful as you experience the various psychic development exercises in the upcoming chapters of this book.

Back to the Surface

When you are ready, you may begin to count yourself back up to the surface of your conscious mind, from one to five:

  • You are relaxed and refreshed as you begin your journey back. Breathe in and out slowly and comfortably. All your tensions have disappeared.

  • You continue upward. The positive images and Universal Energy are still vivid in your mind. The golden light escorts you as you continue your journey back to consciousness. You feel so relaxed and positive.

  • You are halfway there. You look forward to bringing your experiences back to the surface to assist you as you move about the conscious world.

  • You can see the surface of your conscious mind just ahead. As you come to the last number, take a deep comfortable, relaxing breath.

  • Exhale, open your eyes slowly, and come back to the surface of your conscious mind, relaxed, refreshed, and still filled with the Golden Light of the Universe.

Take a few moments to readjust to the world about you. Keep this positive experience with you as you go on about your day or evening.

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