Disperse Psychic Energy Buildup

One of the hazards that you may face as you become more and more in tune with your intuitive abilities is psychic energy buildup. What this means is that when you take a large amount of Universal Energy into your body, it is possible to build up a surplus. If it does not find an outlet, it will manifest itself in different ways, such as with an intense electrical tingling. As an example, if you are using your hands for healing and are bringing in the energy for that purpose, it is possible that you feel prickly sensations in your hands.

Pay attention to how your psychic development is affecting you. When you remain focused on it for a period of time, are you able to clear it from your mind after you have finished a session? Are you able to sleep peacefully, or do you toss and turn?

It is always a good idea when you are working with energy to keep yourself grounded. There are several ways to do this. If the energy surplus is localized, such as in your hands or feet, the easy way is to touch the ground with the parts of your body that are overcharged. You can also shake your hands, your arms, or your fingers to help disperse the energy back into the Universe. Deep breathing is another excellent way as long as you let the energy flow out of your body when you exhale. If your entire body feels like it has been charged, you may want to exercise, go for a walk, or swim to help dissipate energy.

Washing your hands and arms in cold water, bathing your feet, or immersing your whole self are all good ways to get rid of surplus energy. Remember that this charged energy is a healing energy and you can feel a sense of universal peace and health as you let it flow back out into the Universe. The goal is to keep yourself in balance and in tune so that you retain the proper amount of healing and psychic energy.

Instead of taking care of themselves, many people turn to chemical aids or alcohol to help them detune their psychic energy. Some turn to overeating and develop a serious weight problem. All of those things only suppress the energy rather than clearing it from their bodies.

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