The Golden Light of the Universe

You can do the following exercise to receive the golden light protection from the Universal Mind, which can help you find your balance. This light comes through your Belief. It can help you dissociate and step back to get the whole view of any situation that you find yourself in or need to address. If you are ready to try it, find a comfortable place, take a deep breath, exhale, and allow yourself to relax. You may first try this exercise by counting down. However, as you learn how to develop an anchor, you can connect with your golden light anytime you want.

Once you become comfortable with your golden light, it can become part of your partnership with the Universal Mind and a powerful tool to keep you grounded and in balance. The golden light may be any color you would like, or it can be just a clear positive energy. It can give you the feeling of being wrapped in a beautiful secure blanket, just as you may have experienced as a child.

The golden light protection exercise is designed to help you develop a safe and secure feeling in your Belief. You are free to incorporate any image that helps you reach that state.

Count Down and Spread the Light

As you breathe slowly in and out, you may be aware that you have many muscles throughout your body. Some are tight and some are loose. Each time you feel a muscle stiffen, you may relax it, and as you are doing so, you may relax more and more. You may be aware of different muscles stiffening and relaxing as you experience this golden light exercise.

Feel yourself connecting to your third eye as you slowly focus on your breathing. You may be aware of different sounds around you. You may notice that you have many different thoughts coming into your head, and if so, that's okay. You may feel your third eye as it is connected to your Universal Mind and as it opens to the Universal Flow. As you count yourself down, feel the beautiful golden light surround you and spread throughout your body:

5. You may feel and see in your mind's eye a beautiful golden light that starts to flow through your third eye and down over your forehead, your face, and the back of your head. It flows all the way down to your neck. It is a wonderful, secure, and loving light filled with all the positive vibrations of the Universe.

4. You may now feel this golden light spreading over your shoulders, down your arms to your elbows, and down your forearms, wrists, and through to your fingertips. It is a wonderfully relaxing, safe, and secure feeling. You feel the energy of the Universe flowing through and over and around your head, shoulders, arms, and fingers. As you slowly breathe in and out and feel the Universal Flow, you will go deeper and deeper into a safe, secure, and relaxed state.

3. You may feel your golden light spreading slowly down over your chest to your waist. You may feel it as it flows over the upper half of your body, wrapping you in a beautiful secure blanket of golden light. As you breathe slowly in and out, you will become more and more comfortable with this loving flow of the Universe. You are going deeper and deeper.

2. You may feel the golden light spreading down to your knees. You are in a beautiful and secure capsule of Universal Love and positive energy. As you breathe slowly in and out, you will relax more and more, and go deeper and deeper into your connection with the Universal Mind.

1. You will feel the golden light flow all the way down from your third eye to your ankles. You are almost totally immersed in the love and positive energy of the Universe. You feel comfortable, safe, and secure as you go deeper and deeper, marveling at the beauty and love of your golden universal light.

0. You are now totally immersed in your beautiful and secure golden light sent to you from the Universal Mind. You may feel this flow going through your whole body and surrounding you as a golden blanket of yellow light. Take a few moments and enjoy this beautiful, loving energy.

There are several ways in which you can experience the golden light exercise. You may read it out loud to yourself, memorize it, have someone else read it to you, or tape it and play it back to yourself.

Universal Protection for the Mind, Body, and Soul

While you are in this beautiful and secure state, allow yourself to feel the loving energy of the Universe as it wraps you in a protective bubble of golden light. You may connect with any of your guides, angels, or other beings with whom you have identified so far in your psychic journey. You may communicate with your Divinity, saints, or other positive religious beliefs. You may feel at this time that you are not alone in your journey through your life map, and you may know that your Universal Team will be with you to help and guide you every step of your way. (Chapter 7 describes your Universal Team in more detail.)

If you have any worries or questions for the Universal Mind, you may ask that you receive the proper help and guidance. You may ask that you will be given the proper tools to help stay in tune with your life map. You may request that the golden light protect you against the forces that would control your mind, your body, and your soul. You may ask that you receive protection against any other who would use his or her psychic gifts against you.

You may cloak yourself in the Golden Light of the Universe as you become more in tune with your psychic gifts. You may open to the Universe's guidance for the proper development and use of your psychic abilities. You may feel safe and protected by the Golden Light of the Universe as you give permission for your psychic gifts to be developed and used in a way that is good for mankind. Take a few moments as you breathe slowly in and out and feel the love and positive energy of your golden protective light.

You may give yourself a key word or physical anchor to help you connect to your light at any moment. While you are still in your protected state, try out your anchors. Practice focusing on your third eye and instantly feel the golden light start to flow. Take one more moment to feel your special connection and then slowly count yourself back up to five, opening your eyes and feeling relaxed, calm, positive, full of Universal Love, and still bathed in the Golden Light of the Universe.

Many beginner psychics can be startled when they first release themselves into the Universal Flow. As long as you have a connection to where you are, you will return safely. In other words, you will always know where the “ground” is.

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