Astrology and Psychic Interpretation

Now that you've had a brief introduction to astrology, you might ask how it fits into your psychic development. Your intuition can play a big part in the way you interpret your birth chart. So the first step is to find a competent astrologer who will provide you with your personal horoscope and who will help you understand what it means. If your astrologer is also a psychic, she will be able to use her astrological knowledge in conjunction with psychic powers, such as clairvoyance, to see into your future and identify potential problems and potential opportunities.

With today's technology, it is possible to make yourself an astrological chart on your computer — all you need to do is purchase the software. The Internet is also a major source for information on astrology. Visit, one of many sites that offers horoscopes, quizzes, free readings, and more.

A Reading of Your Birth Chart

You can use your own psychic ability to help you interpret your own birth chart. The proper way to prepare yourself is to balance and ground yourself in the peaceful and loving light of the Universe before you begin. You may ask your internal and external guides to help you.

Just as you have learned to access your intuitive mind, prepare yourself to do the same when you examine the information in your birth chart. Using your five senses, ask your Belief to receive the right images in your mind to help you understand your positive potentials. Now as you consider what you read or are told about yourself and your future, let your internal and external guidance systems provide you with the correct responses to help guide you.

The science of astrology, combined with psychic interpretations of your horoscope, can be a powerful tool to help you through your life journey. You are the one who can best understand how to work with your birth chart. Your psychic intuition is good, and it will help you as you travel along your journey.

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