Your Life's Purpose

You have probably thought about your life and its purpose in the greater scheme of things. Many people have asked themselves whether there is anything more to life than being born and living until we die. Most of us wonder whether we all have souls or whether there is some other element to our existence that transcends this life and our physical bodies. To answer these questions, some people turn to religion, but they don't always get the answers they are seeking.

The answer to your life's purpose lies in your soul. Imagine for a moment that in the beginning of the soul's journey, it had no physical form. Each soul had all the knowledge of the Universe but not the experience that goes with it. Each reincarnation of the soul had a specific goal in which to gain the experiences. Each lifetime also provided a chance for advancement, as the soul learned an additional lesson.

How does the soul know what lesson is to be learned in each lifetime?

It relies on its guidance system, which contains all the knowledge from lifetimes past. The knowledge of your soul can help you grow in wisdom and experience. It can also help you as you progress through your present life.

When the soul learns all the lessons of the Universe, it will progress to the rank of “old soul” and will again return to its initial form of pure energy. In that state, it will continue to exist among the souls that have not yet reached that level on their journey.

The Choice Is Yours

The lesson you have been given to learn in your lifetime can be made yours if you follow your life map. The choice of learning or not learning that lesson is up to you — that's the power of free will. Your conscious mind may choose to work toward self-gain and the satisfaction of your ego rather than the goal of focusing on your life lesson. If you choose to disregard your life map and seek to satisfy your ego, it may be necessary to repeat your lesson in a future lifetime.

Unfortunately, many people choose to use their psychic ability for self-gain. They forget that their talents are given by the Universe to benefit the whole. Some even use their “powers” to inflict pain or to control others. If an individual abuses these gifts, then there will be plenty of opportunity for that person to make restitution in future incarnations.

You have been given the opportunity in this lifetime to let yourself get back in tune with your life map. You may be aware of karma that needs to be resolved. The more you are open to your life map, the more you will be guided to find the way.

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