Working with Your Gift

Psychic visual experiences differ from person to person. Your particular vision may come from either inside yourself or from an outside source. The goal here is to encourage you to identify, develop, and work with your visual psychic abilities. And the first step is to identify how you see.

It is very possible that you may have a gift of second sight that is different from those addressed in this chapter. Your mind is special and unique. It does have psychic abilities, but they may or may not be visual. If you do have the gift of clairvoyance, it is likely connected to one or more of your other four senses.

Second-Sight Exercises

The following exercises will help you identify and begin working with your visual psychic abilities. Although you can do these exercises on your own, it can be both fun and educational to do them in a group setting. When you compare your second sight to that of others, you may be amazed at how different or similar they are. You can always record the scripts and play them back, or have another person read them out loud.

You can also experience them as you read them to yourself. When you begin to practice psychic development exercises, it is very important for you to be in tune with your physical, mental, and spiritual self. This includes being spiritually grounded, in the proper frame of mind, and having a full stomach.

What's Under Your Eyelids?

You may begin this exercise by finding a place that is comfortable and relaxing for you. You can either sit or lie down. When you're ready, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and let your eyes go out of focus as you concentrate for a moment on your third-eye chakra. You may take a few moments and experience the rest of your energy centers coming into balance. As you continue to breathe slowly in and out, you may feel the loving and peaceful energy of the Universe entering your body. You may feel a protective bubble of universal golden light surrounding you as you examine your psychic gifts of second sight.

When you are comfortable and ready, focus your mind's eye on the images that are behind your eyelids. You may see an image clearly, or it may be out of focus. It is possible that the images you see are moving so fast that it is hard to focus on any one of them. If that is the case, allow yourself to relax even more and begin to slow down the speed of your images. This may be hard to do at first, but as you continue to practice, you should be able to bring your images into sync with your focus.

If you are able to see images under your eyelids, what are they? How do they compare to the different types of second sight that were discussed earlier in this chapter? Are they similar or different? Are your images comfortable or uncomfortable? If an image is uncomfortable, can you change it to another image?

Can you interpret your images to understand their meanings? You might ask your Universal Mind to help provide you with answers to any questions you may have. The answer may not come right away. Be patient, and remain alert to your insights. The answers may come from within or without.

You may not have any images at all, and if so, that's okay. Clairvoyance may not be your psychic strength. It is possible that you could see colors behind your eyelids. It might be one color, or different colors that appear in various shapes or forms.

Can you get images about the past or the future? Can you see your guides, or angels? Do you have images that relate to health or to your Higher Power? Are there any other images that you can see under your eyelids, and can their meanings be understood? When you are ready, take a deep breath, exhale, and return to consciousness in a positive relaxed mood.

Dream Imagery

Another exercise is to explore your dreams. As you relax and concentrate on your third eye, think about the dreams you've recently had. Do you dream in pictures? If so, are your dreams symbolic, realistic, or do you experience both types? Do you travel to and explore places in your dreams? Do you dream of past lives or future events? Do you see guides, angels, or loved ones who have passed over in your dreams?

Another great way to work with your psychic intuition is simply to close your eyes and imagine. You might imagine a story with a theme that relates to your current life or from any point in time. Through this exercise, you may find insights that relate to your life. Imagination is often a great method for finding the truth.

See the Second Image with Your Eyes Open

Have you ever had a second-sight experience when your eyes were wide open? If so, it may seem natural to you. If you rarely do or have not had the opportunity to experience it, however, here is a suggestion for an exercise to try. Allow yourself to enter a relaxed state as you focus for a moment on your breathing.

Focus on your third-eye chakra. Your eyes will go slightly out of focus as you put yourself into a light hypnotic trance. You may suggest to yourself that you are comfortable and open to the psychic images that are waiting to help you grow in your intuitive development. Let your mind drift as you enjoy your connection to your visual energy center.

You may begin to be aware of a second image in your visual screen. Wait patiently and let this image slowly become clearer and clearer as it comes into focus. Let yourself see it clearly as you watch from the safety of your protective bubble of golden light. Allow yourself to watch and process this image, and know that you can end it anytime you want and return relaxed and positive to your conscious mind.

Keep a record of what you see and when you see it. Does your second sight relate to the past or the future? Are there times and places where it is easier to get these images? Can you look at a person and see energy or auras around her? Do the auras change?

Can you look into a person's body and see a medical problem? Can you create a healing image? Can you project your mind's eye to a remote location and see what is happening at that very time there?

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