Visions of the Past and Future

Precognition is a more unmediated form of psychic ability. This gift is more direct because it can allow you to see an event as it will happen in the future, rather than having a spirit guide who will share information with you regarding what is going to happen. Most often, precognition works as a realistic image, but it can also be viewed in symbolic form. The event can be recognizable and related to you or someone you know, or it can be something that you know nothing about. You may see it only once, or it can occur over and over. It can come to you in a dream or a vision.

Scrying is a form of divination that uses certain visual aids (like crystal balls, tea leaves, clouds, mirrors, or even the swirl of cream in coffee) to help produce the proper visual trance for seeing into the future. When you look at these objects, your eyes will go out of focus, and you will engage your second sight.

The earliest psychic images a young person may receive are often precognitions. They appear out of nowhere, and, more often than not, they predict an event that is related to an impending tragedy — the death of a loved one or an accident. Once a young person has seen signs of the future event in his mind and sees it actually happen, he may feel responsible for the event and believe that he caused it to happen.

Looking Back at the Past

The opposite of precognition is postcognition — seeing into the past to events that have already occurred. The images could be related to the individual's own lifetime or to something not closely connected to her. A location or an object may help induce a postcognition trance. The event seen could even be from a distant lifetime or time period.

One form of postcognition is time bending. There are those who believe that they can merge different time periods for the purpose of healing the past. They project themselves back into events from the past so that they may release the negative aura that may have been trapped in that time period. It is believed that if mankind can heal history by resolving the mistakes of the past, the future will not be caught in the same unresolved karma.

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