Different Types of Clairvoyance

There are several different types of clairvoyance, including the ability to see through objects, over long distances, into the past (an ability known as retrocognition), or into the future (known as precognition). Clairvoyance may involve being able to see health conditions of people and/or animals, having psychic dreams, visualizing other worlds and beings, and seeing divine images.

You may be able to have psychic experiences in all of the different ways, or in some, or in none. Your mental makeup will help determine whether you have the potential to experience and develop the psychic abilities of second sight.

Mental telepathy is mind-to-mind communication and is part of your range of psychic abilities. Visual telepathy is the communication of a visual image from one person to another. It is different from second sight or clairvoyance because only your mind is involved. For more information on telepathy, read on to Chapter 11.

Many people with the gift of second sight can see into the future or the past, whether through dreaming or contact with spirits, angels, or guides. The more you become aware of and understand what you are already seeing in your mind's eye, the more confidence you will have in trusting and using your psychic gifts in the future.

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