Contact with Spiritual Beings

One aspect of clairvoyance is seeing spiritual beings like angels or spirit guides. Note that this isn't the same as seeing ghosts, who contact you on a physical plane. A spirit usually contacts you from your inner mind — either your unconscious or your Universal Mind — and its vision materializes in your mind's eye.

Spirit guides can help you navigate successfully through your life map. They have the ability to communicate with your Universal Mind and to gather wisdom that will help you make positive decisions. Although they most often appear in human form, they may be experienced in other shapes as well.

Power Animals

Spiritual communication may come in the form of a power animal that is there to guide and protect you. If you feel that you have a power animal, it can be a strong element in guiding you through life. Just the image of strength that goes with a power animal can give you courage to take positive risks. These risks can be incorporated into your Belief System, and it becomes easier to overcome the fear of failure. If you believe that something, including a power animal, goes with you to guide you, you will be more open to being in tune with your life map.

Learn from your dreams — they may be of symbolic nature, especially if they involve a specific animal or other spirits. If you can see spirits in your dreams, you have an even greater opportunity to develop an understanding of how they are here to work with you.

Angelic Communication

Your spirit guide may take on the form of an angel — and you may have more than one angelic being guiding you. These guides may appear as someone you recognize who has passed over to the Other Side, or they may take on shapes of those you have never met. They may visit you on a regular basis or only at times when you need a little help. If you can see your angels, you have been given a special gift from your psychic side.

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